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What does a sagala carry?

My niece will be part of a sagalahan or Santacruzan. Apart from a bouquet of flowers or a crucifix, what else can a sagala carry? Would a scepter be ok? What about a bower or arch of flowers?

Please site your sources/references.


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    It depends on her role...

    here's the list from Wikipedia.

    1. Methuselah- he is bearded, bent with age, riding a cart looking preoccupied with toasting some grains of sand in a pan over a fire. This is a reminder that all that glitters will end up as dust like that which he is toasting.

    2. Reyna Banderada - a young lady dressed in a long red gown carrying a yellow triangular flag. She represents the arrival of Christianity.

    3. Aetas - represents the animist Filipinos prior to the islands' conversion to Christianity by the Spanish.

    4. Reyna Mora (Queen Moor) - represents the Filipinos who converted to Islam, which arrived in the Philippines two centuries before Christianity.

    5. Reyna Fe (Queen Faith) - symbolises the virtue of faith,the first of the theological virtues. She carries a cross.

    6. Reyna Esperanza (Queen Hope) - symbolises the virtue of hope, the second theological virtue. She carries an anchor.

    7. Reyna Caridad (Queen Charity)- symbolises the virtue of charity, the third theological virtue. She carries a red-coloured heart.

    8. Reyna Abogada (Queen Lawyer) - the defender of the poor and the oppressed, she wears a black graduation cap and gown (toga) and carries a large book.

    9. Reyna Sentenciada (Queen Convicted) - has her slim hands bound by a rope, she stands for the innocents who have been unjustly convicted. She is accompanied by two Roman soldiers.

    10. Reyna Justicia (Queen Justice) - a personification of the "Mirror of Justice", she carries a weighing scale and a sword.

    11. Reyna Judith (Queen Judith) - represents the biblical widow Judith of Bethulia who saved her city from the Assyrians by slaying the cruel Holofernes. She carries the head of her victim in one hand and a sword in the other.

    12. Reyna Sheba (Queen Sheba) - represents the Queen of Sheba, who visited King Solomon and was overwhelmed by his wisdom, power and riches. She carries a jewelry box.

    13. Reyna Esther - the Jewish queen of Persia who spared her people from death at the hands of Haman through her timely intervention with King Xerxes. She carries a scepter.

    14. Samaritana (The Female Samaritan) - the woman whom Christ spoke to at the well. She carries a jug on her shoulder.

    15. Veronica - the woman who wiped the face of Jesus; bears a bandana imprinted with the three faces of Jesus.

    16. Tres Marias(The Three Marys)- each Mary holds an attribute associated with her:

    a. Mary of Magdala - a bottle of perfume;

    b. The Virgin Mary - a handkerchief;

    c. Mary, the mother of James - a bottle of oil.

    17. Marian - each figure alludes to a title of the Virgin Mary or is associated with her.

    a. A-V-E--M-A-R-I-A - eight "angels"- girls all wearing long white dresses and wings- each holding a letter to complete the word "AVE MARIA."

    b. Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess) - a shepherdess' staff.

    c. Reyna de las Estrellas (Queen of the Stars) - a wand with a star.

    d. Rosa Mystica(Mystical Rose)- a bouquet of roses.

    e. Reyna Paz (Queen of Peace) - the symbol of peace.

    f. Reyna de las Propetas (Queen of the Prophets)- an hourglass.

    g. Reyna del Cielo (Queen of Heaven)- a flower; has two little "angels" accompanying her.

    h. Reyna de las Virgines (Queen of the Virgins) - a rosary; also accompanied by two little "angels".

    i. Reyna de las Flores (Queen of the Flowers) - a bouquet of flowers.

    18. Reyna Elena (Queen Helena) - the last member of the procession, she represents Saint Helena, legendary finder of the True Cross; this is signified by the small cross she carries in her arms. The role is usually awarded to the most beautiful girl in the procession. For the Santacruzan to be more exciting, the identity of the maiden playing Reyna Elena is kept a secret until the day of the parade.

    a. Constantine - the escort of Reyna Elena, he is a young boy wearing the barong tagalog. He represents the Emperor Constantine.

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    another name for santacruzan is flores de mayo so flowers are appropriate.

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    reyna emperatriz

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    yup. the more extravagant, the better. :D

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