LOST season finale- richard alpert?

i just have a couple questions..i havent watched all of the season finale yet..

is Richard in 1977 and 2007 at the same time?

If they blow up the hydrogen bomb, wouldnt it kill everyone..so why was Richard worrying about Elouise being near the radiation?

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    Richard is in both times at the same time in the sense that ALL of the characters are in both times. As in Sawyer, Kate, Jack, etc.... all of them exist as children off island in 1977. Richard was on the island in 77, so that's why we see him there. He just does age. If he did age, we would see him as both young, and then 30 years older in the scenes that take place in 2007. As far as the bomb goes.... they are not trying to kill everyone. They are trying to use the plutonium to contain the electromagnetic force, so that the "incident" will never happen, and the hatch will never be built.

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    Richard Alpert is in both time periods b/c in 1977 it was his past and 2007 is his present that he is in. Eloise cannot be near the radiation b/c she is pregnant with Daniel Faraday

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    richard is timeless, they are showing him in the past and in the future, he never ages due to jacob. eloise is pregnant with daniel faraday she is his mother that is why she can't be near the radiation and withmore is faradays daddy. which means daniel faraday and penny witmore are bother and sister.

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    That's a very good question. Tune in January 2010 for answers!

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  • 4 years ago

    i dont know what richard said to her but it was definitely latin since the others speak in latin when they are around outsiders. also i dont believe she was spanish i think she was russian.

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