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Does a fondant covered cake need to be refrigerated?

I'm making a cake with buttercream icing in between the layers and then I'm covering the cake with marshmallow fondant. I'm not sure if I need to refrigerate the cake or not. The cake will be eaten in one or two days.

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    no no no. If you refrigerate a fondant covered cake, when it is brought back to room temperature it will sweat and get sticky and possibly run. If you want to refrigerate the cake, do so but do not put the fondant on until the day of or before it is served.

    If it is bakery type buttercream, it should be OK sitting out but if it is real buttercream made with eggs and cream/milk then it should be refrigerated because there is not enough sugar to preserve it.

    Source(s): I am a cake designer.
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    I never refrigerate my fondant-covered cakes before they're served. If you use buttercream with milk (not cream), then it doesn't need refrigeration. The high sugar content acts as a preservative for the small amount of milk that the recipe contains.

    I don't leave a fondant-covered cake out for longer than three days, and I do refrigerate them after they've been cut.

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    The best is to cover the cake with a very thin layer of butter cream (so thin that you can see the crumbs coming through the icing), then refrigerate this before covering with fondant.

    Once covered with fondant, it is practically safe to be left out in a dry air conditioned room for a day. If refrigerating, make sure you have a dry fridge. humidity would melt your fondant even is a very cold temp. and there wouldn't be anyway to salvage that cake.

    Source(s): years of working in a bakeshop
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    I would refrigerate it due to the buttercream. Since it contains dairy products, you don't want them to spoil.

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