Why can't I burn music on to DVD+R discs?

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I thought you could download music onto these discs so I bought 50 DVD+R 4.7 gb 16x discs but they don't work. Is there any settings I need to change or which discs do I need to ...show more
Update : I've tried saving it as a data disc but it still tells me to insert a ...show more
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First thing, what type of DVD does your drive support? I have a friend who was unaware that his drive was a COMBO drive, which reads and writes CD, but only READS a DVD. He was unaware that he did not have the ability to burn a DVD! OK, so check the docs for what the drive can DO and be sure you even HAVE a burner. And if you DO have a burner, the second thing, what type of DVD media it supports. There are 4 types, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. +R and -R disks are write once, read many, a WORM disk is what it USED to be called, +RW and -RW are rewritable media. Not all drives support all 4 types of media. If your drive only supports -R and -RW, then the +R disk you have will never be recognized as valid writable media.I only use rewritable media until I am sure I have something I want to keep forever. I master the disk on RW media and then simply copy to +R or -R media. My DVD burner supports ALL 4 kinds of DVD media. However, my DVD recorder only supports -R and -RW types, so that is what I use for everything. AND one other thing... drive support speed. MANY DVD burners do NOT support 16x media without an upgrade to the firmware unless it is brand new, maybe less than a year or two old since manufacture. For a firmware upgrade, you will have to contact the manufacturer. Most manufacturers have firmware upgrades available to support 16x media if your drive does not already do so. You have to run a program you get from them to perform the upgrade. I have 2 DVD burners. One would not support the 16x media but would handle 8x and slower perfectly well, while the other DID handle the 16x media. I was able to get a firmware upgrade program, however I have NOT installed it yet. Once you know your drive supports the media you are trying to use, music files are data files as far as your hard disk is concerned, and the same applies to the DVD as well, music files go onto a data disk. With video, you have other choices. The burner software you have determines what DVD types you can make. I use Nero Burning which came with both of my DVD drives. Other burner software is available from MANY sources, but I've not had the need for anything more than the Nero software which came with the drives. You can try doing a keyword search at http://www.tucows.com or http://www.download.com and see what falls out. Both sites have a wealth of free and shareware programs available. Something like "DVD burning software" or some such keywords should turn up something you can try. Like I said, (and I do NOT mean to insult your intelligence) it is a common sense kind of thing and should be obvious, but are you sure you have a burner even? And if so, what media does it support?
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  • blacksummer_88 answered 5 years ago
    You need to burn it as a data disk rather than as a DVD. Your burner should have this setting. This means you won't be able to play it in a CD player, but many DVD players will still play the music, and it'll work to store your music off your computer's hard drive to save space.
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  • bill G answered 5 years ago
    you should try RZ Audio Converter, it can convert and burn any videos and audios to Audio CD, MP3 CD, MP3 DVD, etc.

    you can download it from:

    Hope it can help you.
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  • pappy answered 5 years ago
    along with all the other answers it could be you need DVD-R (minus rather than plus). You do need to burn the music as DATA. I suggest you burn to CD rather than DVD as most players won't read or play more than about 150 songs per disk even if they are in separate folders. You can easily fit 150 - 200 songs on a CD. (.mp3 format)
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  • It's him again answered 5 years ago
    It seems your drive isn't DVD. You can a DVD writer for your computer for under £20 these days if you shop around.
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  • tj answered 5 years ago
    Do you have a DVD writable drive? IOW, you're not trying to burn DVD's on a CDR drive or a DVD read-only drive, right?

    Assuming that's not the issue, there may be a problem with the software you are using, the firmware on the drive, drivers, or a physical problem with the drive itself.
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  • spellchecker@btinternet.com answered 5 years ago
    You can't download music straight to disc. you need some software like nero in order to write the songs onto the disc. DVD discs will not play in a CD player, only a DVD player, so write your music to a normal CD. choose .mp3 or .wav depending on your player


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