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from taipei with china or Eva airliners to St.kitt s about 26 Hours.vi

aLos Angeles and Miami fares starts from 68.000 TW $.

with America Airlines fares starts from 90.000 TW$. 33 hours Journey !

You want to find out where St,Kitt is ? go to maps.gogle.com

type in the words of bassterre,saint kitts & nevis ......

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    From Taipei with China or Eva airliners to St. Kitts about 26 Hours.


    Via Los Angeles and Miami fares starts from 68,000 TW$.


    With America Airlines fares starts from 90,000 TW$. 33 hours Journey!


    You want to find out where St. Kitts is? Go to maps.google.com


    Type in the words of Basseterre, Saint Kitts & Nevis ......

    鍵入“巴斯特爾, 聖克里斯多福與尼維斯”(Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis)

    有些英文字好像有拼錯, 我直接改囉^^

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    從台北與中方或伊娃客機St.kitt縣約26 Hours.vi

    阿洛斯洛杉磯和邁阿密票價從$ 68.000荃灣。

    與美國航空公司的票價從九十零點○○○荃灣$ 。 33小時之旅!


    類型的話bassterre ,聖基茨和尼維斯......

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    從臺北與瓷或Eva班機到St.kitt s大約26 Hours.vi

    aLos Angeles和邁阿密經歷開始從68.000 TW $。

    以美國航空公司車費開始從90.000 TW$。 33個小時旅途!

    您想要發現哪裡St, Kitt ? 去maps.gogle.com

    類型在bassterre、聖徒kitts & nevis的詞......

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