How will the car maintenance and repair industry change as electric cars become the norm?

Will mechanics that one worked on combustible engine cars learn about electric cars and then get certified to work on those? Because they are vastly different kinds of vehicles.

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    Hybrids are not that all different when it comes to the engine part of the equation. Yes special training will be neede so you don't die working on the as they are high voltage vehicles, but most of the high voltage euipment is clearly marked and they use color coded sheathing to identify those cables that are high current. If you are that concerned you should start to take courses now to keep up with recent changes in vehicle. I have already taken some courses on hybrids to familarize myself with the different typs of systems they run and to safely "shut down" the electric part while servicing certain areas of those vehicles

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    Don't hold your breath until it happens! Electric cars have been held up for decades because of lagging battery technology (not enough storage capacity, short life). The average driver will not buy a separate car for around town driving only; especially if they have to spring for a new rack of batteries every year. Some gasoline and diesel cars are capable of getting 45-70 mpg with unlimited range (refuel and go).

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    i'm sure we will. as a mechanic i know myself and about every other tech out there is constantly training and learning new systems and computer controls. i'm 28 and i don't think in my lifetime i'll have to worry about switching completely to electric cars. hybrid technology would seem the better way to got. esp when americans wake there asses up and get more diesels on the road. some diesel cars non hybrid are getting 40-50 mpg and a lot of them are in europe getting this kind of mileage. put this together with hybrid technology and just image. just look at a locomotive for instance. they are hybrids. they have 2 huge diesel engines that run generators one for electricity to the cars and one to drive the train. 1 ton of freight 460 miles on one gallon of diesel fuel

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