Who's the more hated person in rock:William Grimm or Tipper Gorr?

Who do YOU hate more?


William Grimm said Dimebag was talentless and was shameful to music. Called him a simian with a guitar. The worst part? He said this RIGHT after Dimebag was shot.

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  • Adam
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    1 decade ago
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    I would put Tipper Gore under annoys the crap out of me status. I don't hate her for her views no matter how stupid and ignorant they are.

    As for William Grimm. I really do hate him with a passion. In that one article he wrote he basically completely insulted all the things that I love the most. Especially insulting my idol, Dimebag, after he was shot. He is just pure trash and that's one of the things I love the most about "Aesthetics Of Hate". If there is a hell I sure hope he burns slowly and painfully in it.

    I think it's pretty obvious who I hate more haha

  • Although I do disagree with Tipper Gore's opinions on rock/metal music, I certainly don't hate her. She's entitled to her opinion, and she only went wrong when she tried to force that opinion onto the American people.

    And I don't even know who this William Grimm guy is, but I'm pretty sure he hasn't done anything worth hating him for.

  • 1 decade ago

    We all go around every day and say all kinds of crap about everybody - all of us, every day, it just doesn't get printed. Tipper, on the other hand, in 1985, as wife of then-Tennessee senator Al made a BIG F********* DEAL because she bought her 8-yr-old the 'Purple Rain' soundtrack (very controversial at the time) - yeah, her 8-yr old - and was OUTRAGED at the masturbation reference in 'Darling Nikki' . So she rounded up a bunch of her rather influential, as well as conservative 'senator housewife' friends and founded the PMRC (Parent's Music Resource Center) for the purpose of labelling albums of their choosing UNFIT to be heard by kids of a certain age. They accused the record industry of exposing American youth to 'sex, violence, and glorification of drugs and alchohol' - like they've never seen TV before - threatening an entire industry with the wrath of their husbands powerful committees, offensive to the likes of us in their moral tone and trying to enforce a set of implied religious values on us. Of course, there is some nasty a** stuff out there, but most of it falls into a very gray area. William Grimm does not hold a candle to Tipper - how many times have you said some REALLY horrifying things about members of your own family - I told my mom once I wanted to slice her throat - but sticks and stones, my friend -----

  • Layne
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    1 decade ago

    William Grimm is on a level just above Nathan Gale. Aesthetics of Hate by Machine Head sums my opinion of him up pretty well.

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