I just wanted to know that is there any way to play multiplayer games with my friend over internet (both have internet connection @2Mbps unlimited).

Being more specific my friend lives 5kms away from my house. so local area network couldn't be done. I know how to use network drive and i can use his hard-drive at my computer. Now we want to play FIFA 2007 MULTIPLAYER with each other.

please advice me how to configure for that? please state in detail. We have Siemens c2110 ADSL modem each.

Thank you in adv.

Mainak Bhattacharya

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  • Keith
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    1 decade ago
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    You will need to setup a VPN into order to emulate a local lan. A well known VPN among the gaming community is Hamachi;

    It's small and very easy to setup. I've also added a link for a site that manages vpn connections for hamachi, so you can easily jump on with other gamers running it;

    Good Luck

    Keith D Mitchell, Server Engineer,

  • 4 years ago

    Yes it is possible as I have done it many times, but never for the game you mention. To ensure proper setup I would definitely consult the community forum connected with that game. However, As a general rule there are a couple different methods that come to mind. One (preferred) method: Get a decent/cheap router/ or lan switch and however many lan cables you will need (one for each person playing) you then simply setup the router (it should come with instructions) and connect all the computers via the router. Also, if it is a wireless router, people can connect without the cables. If you use a lan switch, nobody will need to "log in" to the network as it will be an open network meaning anyone can just plug in a cable and they are good to go. If you do not or cannot spend the money on a router or lan switch, you can configure each computer to connect to a "main computer" via adhoc service. What this means is you will create a new network on one of the computers (adhoc network) and once it is setup, the other computers can connect wirelessly to your adhoc network. I am not sure how it works between macs, but for regular pc I have never had any issue. Well, adhoc does have the limitation of being wireless and you may experience some lag, especially if someones computer is rather slow.

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    The easy way is for you both to use the web site for the game you wish to play. Most major gaming programs have an online system

    Otherwise you will have to create a VPN between your two machines so that you can play .

    Check out D-Link routers. Thery have several models that make setting up a VPN fairly simple. Once the VPN is established, you can play as if you were connected directly to each other.

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