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Why do some Caucasian people think that they're better than everyone else just because they're white?

I was in CVS about an hour ago and I saw these two Caucasian girls and an Asian girl (I think they were friends) arguing about "looks."

I had to eavesdrop okay? I pretended I was looking at something near them.

I heard the two Caucasian girls say: "Just shut up Christina. You're living in a world where Caucasian people are the dominant race. You're just a wimpy Asian girl with parents who don't even know how to speak English. Also, Caucasian people aren't racist. That's why we let you Asian people into our country. If you think you're better than us then get the hell out of America and go back to China."

The Asian made a very clever and sophisticated argument. Hers was really good I just don't remember it all.

I saw her stalk out of CVS and that was it....

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    Cartoons are the coolest

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    Some white people may think that but a lot of people have this concept in their head that all white people are the same. That they're rich stuck up brats, which is not true. I am white and I have a lot of friends that are white but we aren't judgemental and we don't go around picking on people because of their skin color, nor their appearance. And in some scenarios a white person may be coincidentally better thank another race at something but it's not because their white. There are also some scenarios where the Indian is better that the white person but that's not just because their dark skinned.

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    It does go both ways and it sounds like you omitted to mention exactly what the white girls snapped at. My old boss was Chinese and it was no secret that she believed white people are inferior and she didn't believe white girls are honorable or good wives etc. She used to make rude comments all the time. I'd laugh if she ran into these girls. Actually my boss was really nice but certainly did hold these views...people in host or adoptive countries get sick of it, it's rude. Don't stir people up and then label them racist because they give you some of your own medicine.

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    Because Caucasian people have dominated Western culture and history, which currently dominates the global news media.

    Most Caucasians don't feel this way. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

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    She is a stuck up little twit who was probably spoiled when she was younger. She is also being very hypocritical when she said that she was "just a wimpy Asian girl."

    I don't think that too many Caucasian people think that they're better than everyone else, and if you are trying to say that, it doesn't make you any better than them.

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    Because some people are stupid trolls who have such low self-esteem that they have to put down other people so they can feel better about themselves.

    And I don't know about you, but I would pick Asian over Caucasian any day. I'll trade in my nasty blonde frizzy hair for sleek and straight black hair in a heartbeat

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    1 decade ago

    Wow. So you ran into to two white women who are idiots, but somehow those two speak for the entire white population? You're equally dumb for asking this question. There are bad white people out there. There are also bad black, asian, and hispanic people out there. There are also good versions of all the races. That's what matters.

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    yeah awhile ago the US was ok with being the 'melting pot' and accepting all races.

    Then overpopulation, high crime rates and poverty set in.

    Theyre securing the borders more and more until eventually there will be a huge wall separating the US and mexico. maybe we should just invade and overtake mexico. Not sure if they do that anymore but, are you reading this Obama?

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    i have white friends who don't hate other races. I have seen people from all races act in a less than honorable way toward others because of their races.

    the key is not to turn bitter when you undergo poor treatment by others.

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    Well to be honest , every race has their set of cocky individuals . don't let it set an example for the whole race . I mean africa americans often say " everyone wants to be black like me . " and males often say they are better then female . its just a self thing . often times conceited people are insecure and feel the need to put others down to better themselves .

    its just life .

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