sunburn crisis. help? anyone?

ha...yeah.....anyone know how to make it feel less painful or make it go away faster or something like that?

im one of those asians who burn.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok the aloe vera will temporarily help the burn but if you are in alot of pain try this:

    Take a cotton ball and dip it in milk and apply to your burn. ( i know how crazy this sounds but it works!!) The milk will sour and you will smell bad. (so do this at night and plan on a shower in the morning) But I swear to you, this takes the pain away.

    Here's the downfall: it will take away your tan too. ( it dries you out and makes you peel) but at least you will get a good nights sleep.

    good luck!!!

  • deason
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    4 years ago

    there's a gel that has Lidocane in it. Lidocane is a numbing agent. in case you will come across it that's a great help. You rub it on merely like all different burn gel it merely takes lots of the area away. it is not common to locate at circumstances lots of folk use it for sunburns. good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    use lots of lotion that contains aloe vera in it. also they make lotions specifically for sunburns so just go check out walgreens, or walmart or something.

    P.S. the aloe vera helps calm the burning sensation and the lotion is normally chilly which is very soothing on hot skin.

  • 1 decade ago

    Vaseline is also very good and very cheap.

    You can buy generic at Target in the baby section.

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