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music onto cellphone???please help.....?

how do you burn music from itunes to put on a cellphone(enV2).?

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    Ok, i have an enV2 too and i got music on to my phone. Its really easy. Just get a Micro SD card with however many gigobytes u want and a micro SD Adapter. U can get them for like 10 bucks at radio shack or Costco. Than u stick the card into the adapter and stick it into that one thing (sry dont now what its called. See pic) and than stick that into ur compute. Now all of ur itunes music should be in ur music folder on ur hard drive on ur computer. Go into my computer and look under removable devices. there should be a removable device their. Open that up and than just drag the music u want from ur music (under itunes music) to the removablke device window. U might come across some problems, but make sure ur on the admin acoount. U will figure it out. Than to remove the device with the music on it, make sure to click the safely remove removable disk on ur tabs at the bottom of the screen. get the card out of the adapter and than simply stick it into the thing on ur phone that sais micro SD. mmake sure u plug it in the rite way. Look at the diagram on the phone. U should have music on ur phone than. U can also stick tons of other stuff on their like photos or videos or tones or ringtones.

    Have fun

    Source(s): Picture of the way thhat u stick the card into the adapter :
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