How can i finish my GE's while attending highschool?

So, im in 9th grade and i want to take summer classes at the community college Mt. SAC. but the problem is.. i don't know how. do i have to bring them any special forms in order to take classes there? do i need to write a paper or anything like that? i wanted to take some classes for highschool & college credit. I've talked to some of my friends and they told me there was a way to be done with your GE's while in highschool. Does anyone know anything that might help me with this? I am completely clueless and dont know where to start :( any answers are much appreciated!

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    You need to talk to an advisor at the community college. You'll likely have to get some forms signed by your parents and possibly your high school. Make sure you are taking the classes for COLLEGE CREDIT. You can also take community college classes for high school credit and graduate a semester or two early that way.

    You also need to have an idea of what college or university you want to attend and what your major is. That will greatly affect which classes you'll want to take. Some colleges require writing classes, others don't. If you are a science major, you won't need as many science GEs as a social science major or a humanities major. For example, my major is a social science and my minor is a humanity. Because of this I did not need to take any humanity/soc sci GE classes, but I did have to take a lot of science GEs. I knew a girl who was a bio major and ended up wasting a quarter taking science GEs because she didn't know that. But again, this rule will vary from uni to uni.

    Talk to the advisor at the community college, he or she will really help you figure this out.

    EDIT: just wanted to add that taking AP classes and passing the AP test with a 3 or better your junior or senior year can also count towards college credit.

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    just call the school and enroll for summer classes. But remember that every university/collage is different so what ever you take keep the course description

    also look at the GE's for the schools you apply to

    not to scare you but my university stony brook has letters A-K for GE's they are build in to a four year plan

    so if you can't take the courses now you have time to get them done when you get to collage

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    Your current grade level might be a challenge. Most students who take general education classes while in high school are juniors or seniors. Talk to your guidance counselor and see if your school offers dual enrollment courses. This is how most students complete gen eds while still in high school. Another option is to see if there is an early college high school program in your area. These specially designed programs allow you to graduate from high school and also earn an associates degree in the same four years.

    Source(s): College administrator, educational researcher
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