If illegal drugs were taxed....?

like alcohol and tobacco, how much would it net the Federal government and would that be enough to fund all the drug treatment/prevention programs? Would drug use go up or down?

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    1 decade ago
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    Making drugs illegal will not necessarily make drug use go up. Education is more influential than laws making them illegal. That topic, of course, is heated and depends on your views of one's right to one's body. If you consider that the government is making no profit right now off of illegal drugs, besides money from busts, then any money at all, from making drugs legal and taxing, even producing and selling, would help drug treatment/education. It is estimated that California, alone, produces 14 billion dollars worth of Cannabis a year. If this were taxed and sold by the government, profits could be enough to help victims of addiction. Legalizing drugs would end the costly war on drugs and would end the senseless deaths caused by organized crime. Of course it wouldn't end organized crime altogether.

    In the end it all depends on your opinion on the right to do drugs in the first place because if you believe that trying a drug even once is too much then you'd think that any drug user needs treatment. Why legalize these drugs if you think they need treatment? If you don't think that way though, and believe that proper education will prevent addiction, then the funds would be sufficient and drug use would stay similar as well as lowering crime. Not to mention the end of the demonizing and prosecution of drug use. No concrete answer/ depends on your opinion.

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    As with the taxes on alcohol and tobacco - it would never generate enough revenue to offset the economic and social costs associated with their use.

    Look at the issues that countries that legalized drugs face. We would have a taxpayer revolt if we created a situation where 15% of the workforce was unemployable due to drug usage.

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    I think it would go up since most people don't wanna do drugs because its illegal. Its a bit unethical but if drugs were to be taxed and legal for example marijuana, all that extra tax money paid would probably pull this government out of the economic struggle. There are millions of users who would be willing to pay money to buy it legally and the government would make a great profit. Is it profitable.. yes.. is it ethical probably not!

  • it would go way up, since many people who would otherwise use do not due to fear of arrest.

    Nobody can say what taxation of illegal drugs would produce, since nobody knows the price or the tax rate.

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