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Ladies of R&S, do you like mustaches on guys?

If some guys can pull off the mustchioed look, how do I know if I'm one of them? What do you look for?

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    I do like a mustache on a man. I'm probably biased because my father wore a mustache his entire life so it's something that looks normal to me :)

    You can usually pull it off if you can grow a full mustache. If you can only grow a little spotty one then it doesn't work. Keep it trimmed up nice and let it sit on your face for at least 6 months to see how you like it. You'll know in a few months if it just doesn't work on you. The most important thing is to always use a napkin when eating because food can get stuck in there.

    Some women just don't like them but as long as it looks full and well maintained, I think they look great. I wish my husband could grow one.

  • Acorn
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    Not a lady of R&S, per se ;) , but I'm answering anyway:

    I'm not crazy for mustaches alone. But together with a beard or goatee: hubba hubba, Bubba.

    The except for me is when the guy has a real square jaw line. That looks hawt too.

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    My hubby has a mustache...and we have been lovers, best friends and married for 34 years. Yes, I like mustaches...Blessings!

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    Yes, I do. My husband has a mustache and beard and I wouldn't want it any other way.

    Post a picture so we can see. Just don't to the "porn 'stache" that's just too '70's.

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  • Anonymous
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    Eh, depends on the mustache. I don't like really big, 70's style mustaches. You should grow one and post pictures.

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    My husband has a mustache and it suits him , but we have been married for a while and I think it would look weird to me if he shaved it.

    I would have to see a picture of you with one to see what I thought for your particular situation, but you are wonderful no matter what you do about facial hair, so don't worry about it.


    Lady Morgana

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Depends on the guy.

    You really can't tell until you grow one. Obviously, if you have some disfigurement in that area, you will want one. Other than that, refer to the first sentence in this paragraph.

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    yes, my husband pulls one off nicely; a goatee that is.

    I do not really like a cleanshaven look at all

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    Have you SEEN the panty-flood inducing 'stache of Vernon Dozier?


    And don't even get me started on Manwell.

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    No I don't like facial hair on a guy - but I do love sideburns!

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