How legit is online divorce?

I'm leary of doing much online however at this moment it looks like online divorce would be the cheapest/easiest thing for my situation. Has anyone done this? Did you run into any problems? For my situation there is no fighting it's just the basic filing of papers so I don't need any extensive paperwork done.

I was looking at this site. Do you think it looks legit?

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    It sounds like I was in a similar situation as you. Very straightforward and no fighting about things. We got the papers online for OH, but when the court date came, the court said that many sites actually just have a general form and put in the name of the state for you. In the end it wasn't a huge issue, but it was pretty cheap. Just the cost of the forms, the filing fees and the notary fee.

    The only issue we had was that on the court date, there were some minor issues with how we filled out the paperwork, but they were resolved on the spot and didn't stop the divorce from going through.

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    Hey there, Tonya i was just looking online for the same answers as you had. I was wondering how it turned out ? and if you would be able/willing to help me with the exact same situation.

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    sweetie, just get an attorney. why waste the time figuring out if it is legal or not! xoxo Ellie

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