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Why do people in mexico have the doctor masks on to protect them from the swine flue when it doesnt work ??

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    The Mexican government is distributing breathing masks to curtail the disease’s spread. Snug-fitting medical masks approved by the FDA - like dental or surgery masks - are better than nothing if you need to come in close contact with infected people or you're in crowded situations, but the CDC says that information on their effectiveness masks is limited. Infected persons should use mask which reduce further transmission.

    The CDC continues: "When it is absolutely necessary to enter a crowded setting or to have close contact with persons who might be ill, the time spent in that setting should be as short as possible. If used correctly, face masks and respirators may help reduce the risk of getting influenza, but they should be used along with other preventive measures, such as avoiding close contact and maintaining good hand hygiene."


    "The risk for infection can be reduced through a combination of actions," the CDC says. "No single action will provide complete protection, but an approach combining the following steps can help decrease the likelihood of transmission. These actions include frequent hand-washing, covering coughs, using breathing masks and having ill persons stay home, except to seek medical care, and minimize contact with others in the household. Additional measures that can limit transmission of a new influenza strain include voluntary home quarantine of members of households with confirmed or probable swine influenza cases, reduction of unnecessary social contacts, and avoidance whenever possible of crowded settings."

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    The masks are to stop infection from spreading. Not to keep it out, its a big misconception, All the masks will do is keep you from spreading the flu to others assuming you have it, if you dont then you are basically creating a moist damp place directly in front of your piehoile that after a few hours will actually increase the chance of getting a bug.... unless you frequently change the masks.

    I shoulda bought masks shipped them to mexico and made a fortune off that.... now you cant even find them anywhere...

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    Do you have a link from a reputable source that says the masks don't work?

    One of the most common sources of transmission for viruses is breathing in the same air as someone who is coughing and sneezing. Even if masks are not 100% effective, they would likely reduce your risk in crowded or confined environments.

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    Um no. The mask is to dodge catching it, the germs cant get into your nostril or mouth, however the eyes can nevertheless get the germs in them too, however the mask help. confident, i'm able to fully think of the youngster being scared. mothers and fathers could clarify theres a foul flu and individuals do no longer pick to get it, and not bypass into huge frightening info. Its a actuality of existence we in this era havent had to truly take care of, yet seek for the time of history and 1000's of 1000's even tens of millions died from epidemics. optimistically the tension that kills wont come into different international locations, whether childrent, the sickly and elderly are constantly at a extra physically powerful threat of having lots lots sicker. Its very accessible you observed somebody on chemo, and it might certainly kill them, so infants could study the fact of existence. there are a number of many diferent forms of comprimised immune structures, and that they positioned on mask each and every time they bypass out, they simply dont get observed as lots or worry as much as they could till something like this hits. Im sorry he have been given scared, undesirable youngster, hes have been given extra significant issues to tension approximately, like little youngster issues, its a disgrace that's happening yet all of us are very reisilient and could in simple terms could study to handle it and guard it. next time you notice somebody, say hi to them very friendly so the chid see's mom asserting hi and not worried, this could help!!

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    It's not that it doesn't completely work. It works a little bit but anything helps to save lives from the deadly swine flu.

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    Many may not know that they don't provide any protection. Others may know, but just like the sense of security that the mask provides.

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    Because at first it wast thought the disease was spread through the air. But it does actually help. If you are infected, it will help prevent you from infecting anyone else.

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    It does work, very little though. It keeps some germs in when the wearer coughs or sneezes.

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    It's kind of like wearing a condom, any kind of protection is better than none at all. It's gotta start somewhere.

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    It helps, very little though.

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