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Goalie Pads Poll: TPS VAUGHN or RBK?


I like TPS I just got a pair of R6s! Good Stuff!

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    TPS all the way... RBK= the worst!!!!

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    RBK dude. I was a goalie till a pulled my groin and back then I was da bomb!

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    Reebok Most Pro Goalies use them like Broduer and Fluery

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    Vaughn but actually I prefer Brian's

    Source(s): I play goalie = Itech helmet, Vaughn chest pad, Brian's glove + blocker, Vaughn cup, Bauer breezers, Franklin pillows (they are so old Grant Fuhr endorsed them !!) CCM skates, Koho stick
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    I got the RBK P2 Turco Breaks they are soooo good!

  • There is no "best" pad...there's the pad that best fits you and helps you stop pucks.

    Goalies that use a specific brand are doing so because of an endorsement deal.

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    4 years ago

    my goalie has the XXX's and i just asked him and he said hands down the vapors are the only choice =)

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