How should I approach the Utility company if I think my meter was incorrectly read?

Here in Northern Indiana we use NIPSCO for gas and electric. In April my bill said it was my highest month ever in terms of gas usage. I know this simply isn't true since I didn't run the furnace at all for several days. How should I approach the utility company if I feel my meter was read incorrectly. I don't mind paying what I owe, I just find it hard to believe April used more gas than Dec/Jan when I know that the furnace was used way more in the colder months.


It's worth noting March and April will "actual readings". February was estimated.

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    It's possible that the previous month(s) were estimated, and this was an actual. Go back and look at your previous bills. If they were estimates, it will say. Hope this helps.

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    I'd call them and tell them that you were wondering if your bill was "estimated" for April. Just explain that you are concerned about the billed usage. In our area, the power company sometimes estimates our bills and then when the actual meter is read, the difference is recorded on the bill.

    Also, are you on budget billing? If it is the end of your budget billing cycle, you could have been behind on payments and that caught up with you at the April billing cycle.

    Just a thought.

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    You say Feb was estimated. Perhaps Dec & Jan were also estimated. Estimates could have been low. The actual readings just caught you up to date. It's not that you used so much in Apr, you just under paid for prior months.

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    Suggest if it was read wrong,you should then have a very low Bill next month

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