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I want to be a GM in chess but i don't the starting way plz guide me

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    Well it neither a course nor a easy factor,, it depends on your IQ level

    Chess has a 8 x 8 block board with 8 pawns,, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen & 1 king on each side,,, most powerful is the queen while most important is the king,, your overall aim is to checkmate the opponent's king,, but this is not possible in the earlier part,, you need to make quick strategies as a part of the overall strategy to capture over any unguarded dice of the opponent to bring down the opposition strength,, but its not so possible with an experienced opponent,, so you need to shorten the free moving space for his dices buy moving into his half of the board,,

    remember moving the queen is not always the best option,, set the pawns,, the knights & rooks in a good defensive position,, try not to block the way of one dice with another,, all must be in a movable position,, the combination of a knight & a bishop in attacking is great,, keep some pawns safe to exchange them for a queen or a rook at the end,, try not to move the 7th pawn its important if you castle the king,,,

    Look into these sites,, //


    Play multilayer chess in

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    play atleast three games out puzzles...learn all the mating patterns...try to learn from grand master games...this is how u start..

    but if there were a procedure wouldnt every one become a grand master?????

    hence u need to device ur own takes min of 4-5 years of constant working to reach a decent ELO.

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