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pretty sure these are spider bites, want comformation?

Yeaterday I woke up with 1 bite on my foot, one on my hip, one mid arm. They were like big white bumps surrounded my a red rash looking thing[its not lymes disease, doesn't look like a bullseye, no ticks have been on me]. Last night I was asleep for 2 hours, woke up with a crazy itching and burning sensation, had another bit one my foot close to the other, and on my big toe, and one on my other foot too. Put maximum strength hydrocortisone cream on it, not they are just lardge red bumps with the red going past the bump, the bump being about dime size, the one on my hip is the only one I can see closely, and it did have 2 little bite marks. Does anyone know if it is a spider bite or what it is. And maybe what kind of spider.

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    any one of these could be a spider bite. but spiders rarely

    bite more than once, and because they don't just bite people,

    you wold have had to roll over onto one, which would likely

    have killed the spider, and would be in the bedding when you

    woke. these bites don't sound like bedbugs, but could be.

    (bedbugs are at the highest level of infestation in 50 years)

    crickets, mites, mosquitoes, and a few beetles could

    also be the likely culprit.

    sadly, 'no one', not even doctors can look at a bite, and tell

    'what' did the biting.

    there are also a number of skin conditions, rashes, and staph

    infections, that are often mistaken for bites.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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    If this occurs only in your bed at night, suspect it could be bed bugs, but it is very hard to say for sure. Do research bed bugs, which were thought to be eradicated some 50 yrs ago, but slowly becoming a problem again.

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    There is no way we can tell you. The bite marks you describe can be caused by a number of insect or arachnids. They actually sound like ant bites (fire ants can leave nasty blisters and can be painful).


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    It could be anything and If i were you, I would get a second opinion from someone else. A Doctor

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    could be a spider bite.

    The only time i got bit by a spider, my face swell up, so if there's any swelling, that's probably what it is.

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    unless you saw a spider, it is probably NOT a spider bite. probably a staph infection.

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    Bed bugs. Check your mattress, pillows, sheets & blankets carefully. You'll know them when you see them.

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