This deal sounds to good to be true....should I do it?

I've never lived out on my own & really want to. I don't have much money, so I went to craigslist to find a room to rent. I found a huge home that is offering the master bedroom for only $250 - utilities are included. I talked to the woman for 45 minutes & I thought she was nice. This place is about 150 miles away from anyone I know. This sounds WAY too good to be true. We are talking just out of the big city. I'm nervous because of all the crime in the city & on craigslist. The woman was really rushing me to come down & pay for the room this weekend. I'm sort of uncomfortable with that. I really need to move out of my home, but fear this is a scam. Do I take my chances & go see it & actually consider it or trust my gut & bail out? I'm a horrible judge of character; I actually believed that a man who is in prison for murder was a great guy & just misunderstood. I gave him bunches of money & almost married him before family was able to show me the trust.

What do I do here?

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    Living on your own sounds exciting, until you are actually on your own. Bills to pay, food to buy, transportation to and from work, etc. Its a huge pain in the a**.

    You don't say how old you are, but I'm assuming you're in your late teens or early 20's. My advice? Stay home till you have enough money saved to get yourself a good apartment in a good, safe neighborhood, a reliable car, and a bit more life experience.

    You're absolutely right to question your own good judgment. If it sounds too good to be true,then in all likelihood it is. You gave yourself a very good example when you mentioned the guy in prison.

    Before you decide to move some place you aren't entirely familiar with, contact the chamber of commerce in that area. Ask about the job market, safe neighborhoods, crime rates, and other things a new resident should be aware of. You can also contact the Public Affairs Unit of the police department in the area you are interested in moving to, and ask the same questions. You'll probably get straighter answers from the cops than from the chamber of commerce.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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    If thats an area you want to consider then fine, first drive down, look at the house from the outside, if theres any neighbors outside stop and ask about the person that lives there. See how big the city is, will you be able to get a job. You can even go to the PD and ask if theres any known issues like drugs etc that they take calls on alot at the house. DO NOT go alone, go with a friend, if a neighbor says seems ok, and the PD has nothing bad to say, then go witha friend, if you dont like how she looks when she answers, say your looking for someone named Jane or whatever and walk away. If she looks like a tweeker run.

    Dont go alone, it could work out fine, lots of people rent out rooms, many are just so broke and they give up the master br to make it more enticing to get renters. Just dont go alone and if its an area you like, take the deal, but make sure the terms work for you, the house rules, make sure your times are matching like your both day people and go to bed at a reasonalble time, or do some tennats work nights come home late and make noise, pets, take pictures of everything so that when you move out your not blamed for carpet damage etc, and give copies to the landlord. In these times people are not returning security deposits no matter how good you leave it, and it takes money and months of waiting to go to court and then time to get her wages garnished, so dont put down too much money, you wont get it back no matter how nice she sounds, been there, done that.

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    I once rented a house that seemed too good to be true. After 4 months, came a knock on the door and the man standing there wanted to know what the hell I was doing living in his house . The real estate lady had been renting several houses out, pocketing the money and then when the owners found out, skipped town. Sounds about the same to me pretty much. Ask her to see her elec. bill, garbage, water, gas. All utilities should be in here name, and also, maybe she is on a foreclosure list and is just trying to raise money before she is gone for good. Be very carefull as this does not sound to good.

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    No matter what the deal is anyone that is rushing you is trying to hide something. If she is trying pressure you before you even see the house and room, I would just forget it.

    If you thing that you are a bad judge of people and you are really all for this person then have a friend family member that is looking out for you come with you to check out the place. they may also have questions to ask that you haven't thought of about the deal.

    Good luck.

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    I don't know why people aren't giving the the right advice: DON'T DO IT. You don't know who is going to also live in this home and most importantly, it's dangerous!! Bail out! If you want to live on your own badly, wait until a friend wants to do the same and you both (someone you actually know) can live in a place together, not with complete strangers!

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    Trust your gut feeling. Find another place. Phoenix has some good deals on apartments, even with free move in and one to two months free rent. You'll find these by just driving around, large banners on the buildings. Go to areas you are comfortable in and look around.

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