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The pen is mightier than the sword, Do you think?

the person that came up with that saying knew all he was doing was switching the letter "S" in words?

donesnt swords means tongue in that saying?


jad that's not the saying look below for saying

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    Hell naw, sword would tear a brotha up...

    A dude might be intelligent with his pen, but not mighty with his pen.

    I was just being silly, I agree, it makes sense here is why, when someone says something to you over the phone let's say, you might let that fly by you because you either aren't paying attention or are distracted by what you are gonna say next, but if that person mails you a letter, then you are obligated to read the letter to yourself before rationally giving a reply.

    I either hit the nail on the head or I hit my head too many times...

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    It's supposed to be, "the pun is mightier than the word."

    Seriously, force can only prevail for a short time. Look at Alexander, Caeser, Napolean, Hitler. All of those empires fell in the end.

    On the other hand, Socrates, Locke, Jefferson, Paine, Lao Tzu and many other writers are still influential.

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    the pen is mightier than the sword that is a fact. even if you are mighty with the pen and you get tooken out by a sword your writings will remain around forever for everyone to see. look at all the great mc's.

  • Yes, in the Philippine History.

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    no, the pen will never last, STONE is mightier thant he pen AND sword. if anything is to ever happen to us, all of this is GONE. we should record like the ancients did, so they wont be so stumped in the future as to how we made things and who we were. ..

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    yea and i think the saying is tru. you might be dope with the words flowin from ur lips but its what you write down that matters. although im always up for the free verse shoot if u can free style then its all good

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    Look what Karl Marx accomplished with his pen. . .

    Look what Hitler accomplished with his "sword"

    I'd say Marx was slightly more successful

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    I am not sure. Ask Biggie, Tupoc and Jam Master Jay.

  • The mightiest of all is liquid swords

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