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L`t buccal cencer T4N0M0 s/p CCRT with tumor unclear progress


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    L`t buccal cancer T4N0M0 s/p CCRT with tumor unclear progress


    已採併用化學及放射療法治療(CCRT=concurrent chemoradiation therapy)


    Source(s): 醫護背景+有誤觸還請路過專家指點
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    This 32 year -old female was a case of left knee S/P posterior cruciate ligament reconstrucion for 10+years due to traffic accident .In recent 6+months ,left knee soreness pain was persisted and it was more worsent when wether change. Laxity and sagging was persisted and squating was limited.Thus, she went to our Ortho OPD and MRI showed postoperative study of avulsive fracture of PCL inserted tibia with deformity and loss of PCL,Segond fracture at LCL and root tear at PHMM;arthroscopy was advised. After well explanation of operative procedures, success rate,risk of infection and neurovascular injuries and fat embolism and cardiac complications,self-payment itens and programs of physical therapy, prognosis of operation, she was admitted for further surgical intervention examination.

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