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端午節快到了 我想寫一封英文信 希望英文能力不錯的達人們 能夠幫個小忙 小弟其實也不至於到不會寫 只是總絕得跟現在時下的美式英文感覺差很多 小弟想要的是 比較口語化比較輕鬆的那種 不是教科書八股制式的死英文(那種的小弟自己來就可以了)還有 再此非常強調一點 ""不要翻譯機的怪英文""因為那個比小弟自己寫的制式英文還要糟 感謝了 ~


哈囉 小女孩

近來好嗎 你們銀行沒有讓龐大的工作量把你壓垮吧 不過相信以你樂天又積極的個性應該是難不倒你的

端午節到囉 中國的三大節慶 不免俗套的跟你說聲"端午節快樂囉" 本來是想說順便帶點應應景的小東西給你的 不過......我覺得 還是給你個不一樣的端午節好了

多吃點啊 ~你真的有點過瘦了~



對了 我想問一下 Johan 可不可幫我再補充一下

""我知道你好像不喜歡牛奶 不過 這個可是新玩意兒 試試看吧 好不好""

就上面這句話 麻煩你囉

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    Young Lady,

    Howre you doing?

    I hope the terrible work load of the bank job didn't take you down.

    However, I believe these crap won't bother you at all since you're such lovely and positive girl.

    The Dragon Boat Festival's coming~

    it's one of the three biggest Chinese festivals.

    Happy Dragon Boat Day!!

    I should bring a special gift for the occasion to you,

    but it's really cliche..

    Try to put some weights, ok? You're too skinny.

    Happy Dragon Boat Day!

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    「我知道你好像不喜歡牛奶 不過 這個可是新玩意兒 試試看吧 好不好」

    "I knew you didn't like milk, but this one's a brand new thing~ please try for me, ok?"

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    Hello girl,

    How are you doing lately? You did not berry in the mountain of your work loaded. But, I believe your ability of handling your responsibility.

    Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is near now, which is one of the biggest Chinese festival. I just want to send you my best sincerely greeting from your dear friend (me). I was thinking to bring you a little small gift, but I rather to give you something special.

    You seem had been on diet, I think that you should just put a bit of weight that will make you a perfect woman. ^_^

    Happy Chinese Dragon Boat Festival!


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