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我的認知是在這信用狀的最上頭的 sender: xxxx 就是一般的開狀銀行.但是此封信用狀還秀了一段.

52A: Issuing Bank of the Orig D/C-BIC




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    注意到了嗎,7+4碼共11碼是swiftBranch code

    Optionally, a BIC can be extended to an 11 character BIC by adding a branch code.


    About BIC

    In order to identify Financial Institutions unambiguously, SWIFT developed the Bank Identifier Code (BIC). The BIC in particular enhances STP in cross-border financial messages. BIC was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO has appointed SWIFT as the registration authority for the assignment of BICs (ISO 9362) and for the publication of BICs in the BIC Directory.

    The anatomy of a BIC

    Bank code Country code Location code

    The bank code identifies the financial institution, for example BNPA for BNP-Paribas.

    The bank code consists of four alphabetic characters. The ISO country code identifies the country in which the financial institution is located, for example FR for France.

    The ISO country code consists of two alphabetic characters. The location code, provides geographical distinction within a country, such as a city, state, province or time zone, for example PP for Paris.

    The location code consists of two characters that can be alphabetic or numeric.

    The BIC is written and printed as an eight-character string without spaces.

    Connected and unconnected BICs

    BICs identify Financial Institutions regardless of their connectivity to the SWIFT network. However, a BIC that identifies a financial institution not connected to the SWIFT network has the location code ending with the digit “1”, for example KESADEF1. Such BIC is also called a non-SWIFT BIC or a BIC1.

    Branch code

    Optionally, a BIC can be extended to an 11 character BIC by adding a branch code.

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