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中文講稿翻英文 拜託拜託

拜託拜託各位高手,請幫我翻譯以下的內容,拜託拜託>"<..... 急用


使用線上翻譯網(機)的就敬謝不敏啦... 感恩


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    Since I was little I always thought it's hard to be vegetarian, especially for a meat eater like myself who cannot live without meat for one day. I thought about becoming a vegetarian after I've grown up. I heard that some people are motivated to become vegetarians by making wishes for the things or people who they care; as a result, the wishes all come true. For example, a famous celebrity Big S prayed for her dog by being a vegetarian for a year; a year later, the dog recovered from its illness. Once I also made a wish and tried to become a vegetarian, but my expectation was too high to be achieved, I only lasted 2 days instead of 3 months. The reason I fell was firstly I couldn't resist the temptation of taking meat, secondly I found it's inconvenient to be one. However, they are just my excuses; I believe my determination can overcome any difficulty and doubt.

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    Since when I was in childhood I always thought that was a difficult

    and hard to be a vegetarian, as like to eat meat as me,same as will

    kill me to be a vegetarian. For the condiiton as me, after I growth up

    that I also ever thought to be a vegetarian. I ever heard some people made a wish to be a vegetarian for what they cared, and in the end

    the resoult always can as their want. For example one famouse

    actress -- Big S , Big S becasue her dog was sick, then she made a

    wish to be a vegetarian for one year to bless for her dog. then not

    only the dog recovered ,also she become lkike to be a vegetarian.

    I ever made the wish to get what I wanted by being a vegetarian. I

    thought that I can make it for 3 months, but just 2 days I found thta I can not. First I can not resist the enticement of meat. and felt thta is a

    troublesome affair. In fact from the very beginning I made many

    excuses for my own, then after the Introspection of mine that I find if I did it with heart then everything will not be a problem, the point of

    everything is that you really want to be or not from the heart.

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    我寫的稍快一點,請 稍加修飾一下,應該就可以了!

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