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what's your perception of male ballet dancers?

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    guy dancers are awesome!

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    I love them. They are not all gay. There are just as many gay men in accounting or law enforcement or sales or business as there are in ballet. It is a stereotype that all male dancers are guy just because they where dance and know how to move and are flexible. I think that is a good thing.

    I think its actually pretty masculine to do ballet. Not only do you get to wear clothes that show of your toned muscles, but you get to fondle nearly naked girls in a way.

    Also, male ballet dancers must be in top physical condition. They need more strength,endurance, and muscle power than most athletes. They have to lift girls that are rather heavy despite their skinny appearance (all of their muscle add weight). There are no "time outs" in ballet. You cannot stop if you get tired. Male ballet dancers have to fly through the air, and they have to find the perfect balance between grace and power, which is very difficult.

    I really respect male dancers.

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    That would depend on the individual dancer. How could anyone hope to answer this question unless one knew all the male ballet dancers on earth. However - I think I know what you mean......

    Therefore I will say: That would depend on the individual dancer. How could anyone hope to answer this question unless one knew all the male ballet dancers on earth.

    hehehe.... Generally they are very athletic and fit. A creative flair is usually present and that is about it.

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    If I answer this, then I will be giving you a perception of myself. lol

    I find most of the other male dancers that I work with are hard working and committed, with a burning desire for what they are doing.

    Regarding sexual orientation, which is what I think this question is about, there are gay, srt8 & bi dancers. As in all vocations, you will find all different types of people.

    Source(s): Professional contemporary ballet dancer
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    Stop fishing to see how many answers there are about male dancers being gay!

    Danseurs are great athletes besides being artists

    And just so you know...less than a third of the male ballet dancers I know (and I know a bunch) are gay. Besides who really cares?

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    I do my best not to pass judgement of ones hobby or profession ;therefore,how the ballet dancer views themselves is what really matters find peace within you and others will see you and view you that way. dance no matter the sex is a form of pure expression .those that judge on that bias are not worth entertaining with speech or movement.

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    Men get into dancing either because they want to be the fairy princess, or they want to do the fairy princess. There will be more gay men in arts simply because straight men have a more difficult time with artistic expression than gay men. The straight men enjoy being the minority and having their pick of all the fit ladies in tights.

    Dancers in general are self centered, the men are no exception. Its an occupational hazard from staring at yourself in the mirror all day while dancing in the studio.

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    usually pretty hot. AMAZING dancers. but probably gay. the guy in your pic looks like a douche tho.

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