what is the civil war?

what do these people/things have to do with the civil war:

dred scott

lincoln-douglas debates

regional differences

john brow/harper's ferry

harriet beecher stowe


robert E. lee

thomas "stonewall" jackson

please help me with any

thank you!

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    Dred Scott - A slave from Missouri whi sued for his freedom on the grounds he'd spent 2 years in the free state of MInnesota. The Supreme Court decide that as Dred Scott was a slave, he didn't have the right to sue in the court system.He was therefore still a slave.

    Lincoln-Douglas debates. Lincoln took an antislavery stance in a series of debates against Stephen Douglas, a prominent Democrat, who argued that the decision on whether a state should be slave or free should be decided by popular vote.The debates brought Lincoln into the public eye for the first time, and led to his nomination for President by the Republican party.

    Regional differences - The North was industrialized and richer than the South, which still had a largely agrarian economy.Almost all slaves were in Southern states.

    John Brown was a radical abolitionist who seized the Federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, with a view to arming slaves and starting a rebellion in order to establish a Black state.His plan failed - he was captured and hanged.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' a book which made many people in the North aware of just how Black slaves lived in the South. It created a lot of antislavery sentiment.

    Gettysburg - Major battle, 1-3 July 1863. A heavy defeat for the Confederates, who were forced to retreat. They never regained the strategic iniative for the rest of the war.Gettysburg is seen by many historians as the turning point of the Civil War.

    Robert E. Lee - Principal Confederate general during the Civil War. Despite his many victories and great skill, his army was eventually overwhelmed by weight of numbers.

    Stonewall Jackson - Thomas Jackson, another prominent Confederate general from Virginia.He got the nickname 'Stonewall' at the First Battle of Bull Run (1861) due to a strong defence by his troops.His attack at the battle of Chancellorsville (1863) was the single most effective attack of the whole war.Unfortunately, he was accidentally shot by his own troops during the battle, dieing of his wounds soon after.

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    4. John Brown was a slave symphonies who along with a bunch of ex slaves held up a warehouse in Harper's Ferry taking white people hostage. Col Robert E Lee was sent with the militia to arrest him.

    6. Gettysburg was a town in Pennsylvania a three day battle was fought there in 1863 probably the most important battle of the war costing 53,000 lives.

    7. Robert E Lee was commander of the army of Northern Virgina the most beloved general in American history.

    8. Thomas 'stonewall' Jackson was a great commander for the south who single handedly won the Battle of Big Bull Run the first battle of the Civil War where he got his nickname 'stonewall' on the account of him standing as still as stone when all the explosions, dust and smoke came up all around him. Sadly he was shot by his own side during the battle of Chancellorsville and died of pneumonia shortly after.

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