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What is up with all these girls stopping in the middle of sex then claiming they were raped?

If they are that wishy washy why do they have sex in the first place. I do not unserstand how you can be attracted to someone then all of sudden you are not.

Update 2:

Ok I understand if a woman says to stop you should stop. If a woman told me to stop I'd stop(many more women out there who wouldn't want to stop ehehe i'm that good... no i'm not). But what I don't understand is why some girls are cannot make up their mind if they want to have sex

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    I don't know. It would never occur to me to tell a man to stop once he'd got going, nor would I expect him to pay attention if I did. And I certainly wouldn't call it rape. Modern women seem to be terribly naive about sex, I don't know why they are like this.

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    Okay, at first I just thought your question was simply ignorant and pervy, but after following that link and seeing exactly what you mean, I had to come back and tell you just what I thought.

    A lot of the time a girl will consent to make the guy happy. She's not doing it for herself. When events start to go underway, the girl realizes that she doesn't actually want this, and she asks him to stop. How is that hard to understand?

    And if she says NO she means NO. What I don't understand is how you can look down on that girl for putting herself before the wants of an insensitive jerk.

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    The first time can really hurt for a girl. It isn't at all uncommon for the first time to not end with ejaculation, sometimes it takes a few tries for the girl to feel comfortable.

    I wouldn't assume the issue is ever suddenly not being attracted to someone, I'd assume 99% of the time it is pain or a sudden realization that they should stop (ie the condom slipped, someone is about to walk in).

    The real question is what kind of sick, sad person want to keep having sex when the other person isn't enjoying it?

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    it particularly is rape. If she grew to become no longer in a position to consent (by way of being out chilly or too disoriented to say no), that's rape. Agreeing to have intercourse as at as quickly as as isn't agreeing to have intercourse each and every time he desires to. particular it particularly is unlawful. concentration on it at cutting-edge. If the female knew you have been there and did no longer something, you are able to choose to be on the hook for being an accomplice, whether you below no circumstances touched her.

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    Totally agree. My wife has only once had me stop and it's because I wasn't close to done. I've looked down and seen her in absolute agony biting her sheet or red face crying her eyes out telling me to keep going or hurry up. And that means deeper/harder and she knows that. That is called love and dedication.

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    I don't understand what's so hard to get about "stop." Maybe it's starting to hurt her, maybe she wasn't sure she wanted to do it in the first place, but felt pressured, maybe she was afraid of being labeled a slutt, maybe she just changed her mind...

    Regardless of her reason, what's so hard to understand about stopping when someone wants you to stop? If you were suddenly uncomfortable, in pain, or I don't know, suddenly remembered that a friend told you this girl had herpes, wouldn't you want her to stop when you said "let's stop," or would you not care if she just grabbed on tight and kept going at it despite your pleas that she quit? Well? Would you care or not?

    They are YOUNG. They are in love, or think they are, and they want to make their boyfriend happy, but aren't sure if they are ready. They decide to do it, but then when it happens, they're not ready PHYSICALLY, so it becomes uncomfortable, or painful, so they change their mind. OR they just start to think that while they're making their boyfriend happy, they might be letting their parents down, or they remembered they wanted to wait until marriage, or until they're in love, but mostly the reason is that they are young teenagers, and don't always know what they want, anyway, like a lot of young people.

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    Can't say I've experienced that problem.... If I were accused, I guess Id just plead, "you can't rape the willing!".

    But seriously. No means NO!

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    i think its shame, or fear of humiliation. classicly happened a lot in the 1960s during and around the civil rights movement is when this happened alot, and obviously before then.

    white woman hooks up with a brown brother, and gets caught or pregnant, so she claims rape so she doesnt get beat by her prejudice dick bad father, or ostracized by the small minded dick bag community.

    other reasons as well, buy it all comes back to shame, or the fear of shame. read to kill a mockingbird... good try atticus, boo was a victim of circumstance and a screwed up. great book, and good movie as well [insert a word fitting of a bad bad woman of whom you would like people to throw rocks at, and/of burried up to her neck on the beach as the tide is coming up].

    ye git me point?

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    This happens a lot in my country and mostly, the men go to jail for no evidences of rape as well...

    As long as the crime is RAPE, men always loses....Right?!


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    She probably realize that she is hurting the other man that she is cheating on.

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