Does this sound good for baby shower games?

I am throwing a baby shower for my sister and I have never done anything like this before. I am planning the games but have no idea what kind of variety I should have or how many. I would just like some feedback on my plans so far. There will probably be around 30 people attending.

1. guess how many jelly beans in a bottle (table center piece)

2. Two paper games to do while waiting for food/for everyone to be done eating (baby word scramble and how many words can you make out of baby's name)

3. A group game between food and gifts (can't decide on this one. Maybe guess mommy's tummy size or guess the baby food flavor)

4. Bingo (everyone writes done different baby shower gifts and if mommy opens it, they mark it off their card)

5. The game where everyone gets a baby pin and if they say the word 'baby' has to pass it to the right. Person with the most at the end wins. This one would be played throughout the entire shower.

So, any feedback? Is that too much/too little. Any advice would be great!!

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    Hi, after throwing many showers i found that the simpler the games the better. Plus they are very time consuming. 30 people is a lot to do indiviual games like the belly thing.

    The jelly bean game sounds simple. Also they have at party city these raffle tickets, you give them half when they come in and draw tickets. If you want to do the group game do the measuring one, the food will take forever. The "dont say baby" game is always a huge hit and its very little to do on your side. Id do about 3 games, food and gifts. You will always want to consider the time. You dont want guest to get bored or in the im ready to go mode. Proper time is 2 hours but i think thats short. I say 3 hours at most.

    Everything sounds great, you will do fine! My baby shower is next sat and i am so excited! Goodluck and congrats to you on being an aunt

    Source(s): 32 weeks pregnant with a babygirl<3
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    1 decade ago

    A really fun thing to do would be to buy a bunch of plain onesies (in white if you can) and fabric paint and have everyone design an outfit for the baby.

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    4 years ago

    thoose a reasonably stable recommendations!i individually like the bingo one!.. its very diffrent and soudns relaxing! a stable sport is to get a great field of rice and throw some protection pins in there, then blind fold one person and that they could attempt and %. out the main protection pins. for sure.. the only with maximum pins wins! .. its a very relaxing sport ... and its tougher than it type of feels! i performed it at a toddler bathe and anybody enjoyed it! yet another sport we had grew to become into guessing how huge the mommy is with bathroom paper. so which you grab a roll of bathroom paper and each and all of us pulls out as much as they think of is mandatory to bypass around ehr tummy. and whilst certainly everyone has gotten thier long piece of paper then measures it around the mommy. and who ever grew to become into the main acurate is the winnner! a stable sport to start up the toddler shopwer off with is one which final till the top of the bathe! on the begining of the bathe you provide certainly everyone a string to tie around there neck like a neckles and you provide them ONE PIN each and each... and the regulations are basic... certainly everyone isn't aloud to assert "toddler" in the time of the finished day!! and if all of us catches somebody say the notice "toddler" then they are in a position to snatch that persons pin!! ... the only with maximum pins.. wins goood success! and function relaxing!!! toddler showers are so relaxing!!!

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    sounds great! you did a few of the ones i have seen every time i have ever been to a shower as well as a couple of new ones.

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    1 decade ago

    O! sounds fun! if you have time to do it all!;_ylt=Aoi0p... please please please help me with this quesiton since i answered yoursss thankss!

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