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How Did the Wives of Henry VIII affect/influence his policies?

I'm writing a paper on how Henry VIII's policies were affected/influenced by his individual wives. Can anyone give me any answers, or places to find answers? I'm hopeless! If you have anything at all, sources would be great! thanks!

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    Henry VIII's wives changed his policies because with them, he wasn't able to father a male child. The wives led to him leaving the Catholic church in order to be divorced, and his policies changed because he executed his wives.

    If you google Anne Boleyn or the other wives, you might find more about their affected Henry VIII's policies.

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    Well, his policies were certainly affected by Catherine of Aragon's refusal to agree to a divorce, he broke with th echurch of Rome so that he could annul their marriage and marry Anne Boleyn.

    Anne Boleyn's interest in Protestantism may have influenced him, but he was against many aspects of Protestantism.

    Jane Seymour made a brave attempt to influence him against dissolving the monasteries, but he took no notice of her. However, she did help to bring about a reconciliation between Henry and his older daughter Mary.

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