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what does IPS means? as in school related....?

my teacher said i might be in IPS next year.......but i dont know what it is.......

what does it stand for?

is it good?

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    Pick one or two.

    IPS Invision Power Board (PHP/MySQL message board software)

    IPS Invision Power Services, Inc.

    IPS Inter Press Service

    IPS Intrusion Prevention System

    IPS Institute for Policy Studies (Johns Hopkins University)

    IPS Institute for Policy Studies (Washington, DC)

    IPS Identity and Passport Service (UK)

    IPS In Plane Switching

    IPS In-Plane Switching

    IPS Internet Protocol Suite

    IPS Inches Per Second

    IPS Investment Policy Statement

    IPS Indianapolis Public Schools

    IPS Iran Press Service

    IPS International Passenger Survey

    IPS Institute for Palestine Studies

    IPS Instructions Per Second

    IPS Images Per Second (digital video recording)

    IPS Information Products and Services

    IPS Iron Pipe Size

    IPS Individual Placement and Support

    iPS Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell

    IPS Internet Protocol Service (Sprint)

    IPS Ionospheric Prediction Service (Australian Deptartment of Industry, Science and Resources)

    IPS Integrated Power System (electric drive propulsion)

    IPS Information Processing System

    IPS Inboard Performance System (Volvo)

    IPS Intelligent Protection Switching (Cisco)

    IPS Interim Payment System

    IPS Integrated Planning System (Space Shuttle)

    IPS InPlane Switching (LCD displays)

    IPS Israel Prison Service

    IPS Instrument Pointing System

    IPS Introductory Physical Science

    IPS Institute of Professional Studies (Ghana)

    IPS Ideal Performance State (Toughness Training for Life)

    IPS International Palm Society

    IPS Inventive Problem Solving

    IPS Intergraph Public Safety

    IPS Indian Police Services (India)

    IPS Isolated Power Supply

    IPS Internet Provider Service(s)

    IPS Internet Publishing System

    IPS Institución Prestadora de Salud (Spanish, Colombia)

    IPS Information Protection Services (security management)

    IPS Institute of Pastoral Studies

    IPS Improved Plow Steel

    IPS Intelligent Power System

    IPS Interim Policy Statement

    IPS Institute of Political Studies

    IPS Institute of Purchasing and Supply

    IPS International Parrotlet Society

    IPS Integrated Payment Systems, Inc.

    IPS Inlet Particle Separator

    IPS Integrated Program Summary

    IPS Ice Protection System (aerospace engines)

    IPS Iron Pipe Standard (pipe thread specification)

    IPS Integrated Prenatal Screening

    IPS Institut de Police Scientifique (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

    IPS International Parcel Service (King of Queens)

    IPS Institute of Public Safety

    IPS International Paperweight Society

    IPS Iraqi Police Services

    IPS Integrated Process Control

    IPS Internet PrimeNet Server (parallel technology for the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, GIMPS)

    IPS Integrated Propulsion System

    IPS Inner Product Space

    IPS Instant Power Supply

    IPS Image Processing Section (biomedical imaging)

    IPS Iowa Public Service

    IPS Institute for Political Studies

    IPS Integrated Personnel System

    IPS Integrated Protection System

    IPS Integrated Plant System

    IPS Integrated Publishing System

    IPS Interactive Product Simulation

    IPS IPDS Printer Series (Xerox printer family for the IBM IPDS data stream)

    IPS Integrated Procurement System

    IPS Integrated Project Schedule

    IPS Invoice Processing System

    IPS Internet Provider Security (Tag)

    IPS Immigration and Passport Service (UK)

    IPS International Pipe Standard

    IPS Indefinite Period of Service (Canadian Forces)

    IPS In-Plant Store

    IPS Interruptions Per Second

    IPS Installation Performance Specification

    IPS Input Processing System

    IPS Information Presentation System

    IPS Illustrative Planning Scenario

    IPS Industrial Process Solutions (Ivyland, Pennsylvania)

    IPS Infinity Pro Sports (College Station, TX)

    IPS Integrated Provisioning System

    IPS Internal Pipe Size (internal diameter of a pipe)

    IPS International Planetarium Society, Inc.

    IPS Intermittent Positive Control (NASA)

    IPS Inertial Positioning System

    IPS International Programs Security

    IPS In-Plant Support (US Postal Service)

    IPS Institute for Physical Sciences

    IPS Integrated Promotional Services

    IPS interoperability planning system (US DoD)

    IPS Image Printing Systems (Milwaukee, WI)

    IPS Internet Protocol Storage Working Group (IETF)

    IPS Instrumented Protection System (electronic safety system used for processing unit protection)

    IPS Individual Pension System

    IPS Instrument Performance Specification

    IPS Image Position Switching

    IPS Internal Product Specification

    IPS Individuals, Professionals and Small Enterprises

    IPS Interaction Pattern Specification

    IPS Institute of Procuratorial Science (Vietnam)

    IPS Isotope Power System

    IPS Institute for Public Servants (South Africa; workers' union)

    IPS Interpretive Programming System

    IPS Incident Prevention System (SAP R/3 add-on SafetySuite)

    IPS Independent Poster Sales

    IPS Initial Preferred Schedule

    IPS Integrated Program Study

    IPS Ixplus Production Support (MCI billing program)

    IPS IP over SNA Snackets

    IPS Iranian Petroleum Standard (engineering)

    IPS Installation Protection System (IEC laser standard)

    IPS Integrated Projector System

    IPS Intelligent Pig

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