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Creationists, proof of macro evolution?

There are over 30,000 ERV insertions in the human genome.

Do the math. If the species homo sapiens has only been around for 6000 years, then that means we have had over 5 endogenous retrovirus outbreaks EVERY SINGLE YEAR of human history. Not only is this incompatible with historical records, but it is simply impossible - humans should have been wiped out.

Even if you stretch it and say that humans have been around for 200,000 years, that still gives around one ERV outbreak every seven years. Once more, historical records do not agree with this, and it is simply not possible. We are having trouble dealing with just ONE retrovirus, and that is with modern medecine - AIDS.

Now tell me how a few cavemen could have dealt with one major attack that infected a very large chunk of the population every seven years, with populations easily as small as a few thousand.

The only solution is that the species homo sapiens inherited a large amount of these insertions from another species.


Jamen - 'Health laws' will not prevent a retrovirus from infecting a population, because it is not transmitted like normal viruses. And seeing as god can't even cure amputees... something tells me he's not up for curing a genetic parasite pandemic every few years.

Update 2:

Franhusda - as I stated, I am speaking of Endogenous retroviruses. They are a kind of retrovirus (virus that transcribes it's RNA genome into DNA and then turns it into a provirus) that are passed on from generation to generation until a mutation incapacitates them.

Update 3:

Icelandic - Even so, we have records of the past few thousand years, and there is no trace of the widespread pandemics we would expect.

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    Consider this

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    Macroevolution is so named because it is literally different from microevolution in this respect -- we haven't seen it happen. Microevolution happens all of the time, even with humans, which is why there are different colors and bone structures, etc, of humans, which have been influenced by the environment in which they have settled. Humans have even caused microevolution - in chickens, and dogs and cats, and cattle and sheep and horses, and many other animals that are deemed useful to humans for some reason. Macroevolution is not just a change above the species level. It is a major change in morphology, DNA, etc. It is just like a person saying that just because a child can write something on paper, then it means that he is automatically capable of writing a world class encyclopedia. This isn't a matter of the child growing up, it is a matter of the addition of information and the ability to use it. If that child does not learn how to write encyclopedias, he cannot do so, it doesn't come naturally. So in order for an organism to change its DNA in the drastic way that macroevolution implies, it requires the addition of information. DNA does not change from fins to wings or to hands without an infusion of information which it did not have before. DNA has limits to changing, based on how much information and alternatives it already has. White moths to grey moths, ok. Straight finches' beaks to curved finches' beaks, ok These changes can result in different species. But fins to wings? or to hands? NO one has seen the transitions. Another thing, creationism is not the only source of criticism of macro-evolution. In fact, creationism is a term that was appropriated and defined by specific religious groups as including the unscriptural belief that the earth or the universe was created in six 24-hour days.The Bible, specifically the first two chapters, define the word "day" as 12 hours, 24 hours, or the creative period. This indicates that the word day is a fixed period of time, not necessarily 24 hours long. In fact, The earth itself could be billions of years old. What Genesis describes first is the creation of heaven and earth, and his spirit moving on the formless earth in Genesis 1:1-2, and then the preparation of the already existing earth for life, divided into 6 "days". A person could believe that the universe and life was created without being a creationist. A person can also believe that macro-evolution doesn't make sense without being a creationist. The reason why, is because it does not make sense, and is full of scientific and logical flaws. Many explanations of this concept will take the current suppositions of various members of the scientific community, and will present them as fact. They are not fact, they are suppositions. For instance, textbooks will picture a line of organisms, implying that there is evidence that this is how the last organism evolved. There is one famous line of organisms that ends with the horse, but there is absolutely no evidence that the intermediate organisms that are pictured have anything to do with one another. So, saying that something that is a supposition is a fact is still misleading and unscientific. The gaping holes in the concept of macroevolution are large and embarrassing to those who present it as something worthy of acceptance.

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    ERVs are the single most important piece of evidence for common descent. I have yet to see a Creationist explain this away. Most of the time they just ignore it and hope that it goes away. (Sorta like Franhusda up there)

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    Two, actually. HTLV is much less serious than HIV.

    You should probably have mentioned that for a retrovirus to actually become an ERV it has to infect a germline cell (sperm, egg, or a zygote). A very unlikely event.

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    I don't see why you label all creationists as people who think the world is 6000 years old. I know the Earth is billions of years old and I know that evolution happened. I can still be a creationist.

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    So you're saying mankind couldn't have survived without God's intervention and His health laws? Interesting that cleanliness is as important as God told us it is and how important it is to eat those foods that the Creator told His creation is good for food.

    : )

    You need to read up on the health laws. If people followed the sanitary practices set forth therein, there would be no contact with blood products or anything else for that matter. That's what their whole purpose is for anyway.

    As for amputees, He sure can heal them:

    Luke 22:50-51

    (50) And one of them smote the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear.

    (51) And Jesus answered and said, Suffer ye thus far. And he touched his ear, and healed him.

    He didn't heal everyone though. Why? Ask Him, not me. : )

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    Don't humor them. Just say more proof of evolution. When you say macro, you make them think it is catching on when it isn't and never was.

    Great research though. star this one.

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    Ladies and gentleman...let's hear it for:

    Our next Nobel prize winner!!!!

    I mean, c'mon, let's face it, there is NO other possibility, this HAS to be the answer!

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    Which E R V are you talking about "

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    Elektronischer Rechtsverkehr (Austria, legal)

    Emergency Response Vehicle (American Red Cross)

    Energy Recovery Ventilator

    English Revised Version (of the Bible)

    Endogenous Retrovirus

    Expiratory Reserve Volume

    Earth Return Vehicle (NASA)

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    May God bless you as you study His Word


    King James Bible

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    Very interesting topic and potential debate.

    Mathematically, biologically, and historically you're correct.

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