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Why tap head with ammo?

In many war movies I see soldiers tapping their helmet with ammo for their gun, why is this?

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    tapping reseats the round to the back of the mag, making it less likely to slip and jam when you send the bolt home. doesnt do too much to help, but old habits die hard. also shakes any dirt in the mag loose, making it less likely to work its way into the chamber.

    dont try to tap a full mag on your head if youre not wearing your kevlar. ive seen it done, and its always worth a laugh.

    and unless youre really slamming that thing, youre not gonna have to worry about damaging the mag. although they are cheap pieces of junk.

    Source(s): active duty marine armorer
  • The bullets in a box magazine should be with the casings all the way back against the mag wall so the bolt of the firearm can push it into the chamber. There is some space in the box mag where the bullets can shift forward, if this happens the bolt may not contact the back of the casing and the bolt will jam against the bullet. This is very annoying.

    When a soldier taps the mag, notice which end he is tapping, because the casing need to be to the back wall of the magazine.

    Civilians may use their boot or shoe.

    Some guns jam worse than others. Most guys will tap any mag because of the fear of jamming.

    Some guns like the AK may jam with some mags and not others. This is because of the quality of the mags.

    Another interesting thing to watch for in war movies is soldiers operating the M1 Garand. 8 shots and a "ping" when the clip leaves the gun, to reload the soldier must stick his thumb pushing down the next clip and the bolt closes automatically some times jamming the soldiers thumb, hence "the M1 Thumb"

    Source(s): Owner operator of automatic and semi automatic military weapons over 20 years.
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    oh you mean tapping the mag? the top round can shift forward in a magazine, if it moves forward to much it will cause a double feed or a jam. tapping it pushes the round back into place. the molle pouches are actually pretty good at keeping rounds in place so you dont really see this today. there is also a way to load a magazine into an m-4/16 where if a round is out of place, it will get pushed back to the correct spot.

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    If you ever load a magazine with ammunition, then notice how they all sit in the magazine. Some are slightly forward and some are seated fully to the back.

    Although it has been proven that in modern magazines with modern ammunition, this small change does not make a difference in reliability of feeding, it is just an old habit with some, and gives a feel good sense to others.

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    ok what you're speaking approximately is termed a controlled pair. A controlled pair is once you hearth a shot, devoid of delay reacquire your aim and hearth a 2nd shot. A double faucet is the two 2 photos fired in rapid succession, the place the 2nd is in basic terms a set off pull devoid of reacquiring your aim, or that's once you stroll as much as a wounded combatant and shoot him back for stable degree. All 3 used to fall below the term "double faucet". the 2nd 2 ARE unlawful by using fact the 1st one violates the present ROE everywhere by using fact the 2nd shot is seen and indiscriminate hearth (you do no longer somewhat understand the place the 2nd around is going and your ought to hit a civilian), and the 2nd has constantly been unlawful as as quickly as an enemy combatant is wounded and out of the combat, he's no longer legally allowed to be engaged. the different element you're speaking approximately is termed a Failure drill. that's the place you place a controlled pair interior the chest and then attempt to fireside one interior the top. that's barely used at close quarters as hitting a head aim is somewhat confusing. very few units prepare on something different than in basic terms firing center mass. that's used interior the greater extreme velocity units like the SAS which you're speaking approximately. in case you violate the present ROE (regulations of Engagement) you're in fact breaking the regulation, and could be tried as such. that's why on your after action comments you in no way placed double faucet, in basic terms controlled pairs. a minimum of for the U. S. protection stress.

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    the thinking is it helps the rounds seat better in the magazine to try and avoid jams, but in reality the magazine itself is usually the reason for a jam because the springs in them suck

    not sure if its true but i've had many senior NCOs tell me its bad for the magazines

    Source(s): AD Army SSG
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    To Make sure the Rounds are properly seated into the Mag.

    Source(s): Marine Veteran
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    Removes dirt and debris that could cause weapon to jam.

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    The sound the clip makes on their helmet gives them an idea of how full it is.

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