Do most rides at Disneyland Anaheim fit 4 people, or more?

I'm going to disneyland tomorrow (friday) and i'm in a group of 5. Will my whole group be able to fit on the rides?

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    Most rides do.

    -Splash Mountain - Yes

    -Pirates of the Caribbean - Yes.

    -Haunted Mansion - No, only 3 max per "doom buggy"

    -Star Tours - Yes

    -Space Mountain - Only 2 per seat, but there are multiple seats per car so you can get everyone the same rocket ship.

    -Thunder Mountain Railroad - 2 per seat. Multiple car per train so everyone can be on the same train.

    -Matterhorn - 2 per seat. Multiple seats per bobsled so everyone can fit in one bobsled.

    -Finding Nemo - Yes

    -Disneyland Railroad - Yes

    -Roger Rabbit - 2 per car

    -Astro Blasters - 2 per car

    -Tower of Terror - Yes

    -Grizzly Rapids - Yes

    -Small World - Yes

    -Toy Story - 2 per car

    -Soaring Over California - Yes

    -California Screamin - 2 per seat, multiple seats per car

    -Mali Boomer - Yes

    -Mad Tea Cups - Yes

    -Snow White - 2

    -Alice in Wonderland - 2

    -Mr.Toad - 2

    -Monorail - Yes

    Jungle Cruise - Yes

    Mark Twain and The Columbia - Yes

    Source(s): Former Disneyland Cast Member and Annual Passport Holder
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    Most of the more popular rides fit up to 4 people. If not its usually two to a car but many cars so u will be able to go on the rides with ur whole group :)

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    no 2

  • Terri
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    4 years ago

    The main difference is the size. Disney World is basically four full size theme parks whereas Disneyland and California Adventure are just one. If you will only be there for two days, I definitely recommend spending most of your time at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, as they have the most to do. The only thing at Animal Kingdom that I enjoy is Expedition: Everest, and Hollywood Studios has Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster. If it were me, I would hit Animal Kingdom in the morning (before its super busy), then spend the rest of the day at EPCOT, on the second day go to Hollywood Studios then to Magic Kingdom.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no not all rides.

    such as space mt. you go in ones

    then theres thunder mt. you can only fit two in each car

    but for some rides you may be able to squeeze into the cars to fit 3 people so u could go 3 then 2

    but no most rides are in twos

    at the most threes


    have fun =)

    i love disneyland

  • 1 decade ago

    Most of the rides are in twos. Some of the boat rides hold 5, like Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean, unless someone is really tall or overweight.

  • 1 decade ago

    most rides yes but some rides like the haunted mansion only has 3 people per buggy.

  • Depends on how fat you guys are lol.... But most are four. If not just stand in the line right next to your friends so you can sit behind them :)

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