Want to go to the gynecologist but...?

i want to go to a gynecologist but i am afraid to ask my mother because she will know that i have been having sex. I want to get a check up because i have been experiencing some things with myself and i dont want them to go unattended. So my question is: will i be able to go get a check up, a price, and get serviced WITHOUT my mother ever knowing. Possibly get pills...and not like birth control...

and for the record i am 17...


okay since i keep getting answers to talk to my mother...how should i start the conversation??

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    No unfortunately you can't because you are underage. Not until you are 18. Planned parenthood is the only way on that end. It is important however for all girls who reach teenhood to see a OBGYN for developmental purposes.

    "The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that girls first see a gynecologist when they're between the ages of 13 and 15. Not all girls will need a pelvic exam during this initial visit, though. Many gynecologists will just do a regular health exam and talk to a girl about her development.

    This is a great way for your daughter to develop a relationship with her gynecologist, so that she is comfortable sharing personal information in the future.

    While all teenage girls should see a gynecologist, it is especially important if your daughter has been sexually active (or is planning to be) or has problems with her period."

    But, you can always go to PP

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    Yes, yes, and yes. Besides, it is now recommended that girls see a gynecologist earlier, especially if there is a problem. They have that new cervical cancer shot that they give to girls as young as age 13...

    It's easier to just tell you mother what is going on, though. Although your mother is going to be disappointed that you are having sex, you are less than a year from being an adult and if there is a problem, don't go untreated out of fear.

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    Check out your local planned parenthood - they offer birth control and pelvic exams at very inexpensive prices (sometimes free, even) and without your mother ever knowing.

    There's no reason not to tell your mother that you want to go to the gynecologist though - you can see one before ever having sex. Just tell her that you'd like to find out about your cervical health etc - with all that talk of cervical cancer vaccines going around your mother wouldn't be at all suspicious.

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    Women should start going to the gyno at 16. At the very least they should start going at 18. You are close enough to 18 to have a valid reason to go besides sex. You can also tell your mother than you think you might have a bad yeast infection and would like to visit the gyno. If she gives you yeast infection meds, go to the bathroom to use it, don't, then yell and jump in the shower. Tell her that the cream burned.

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    go to your local Health Department. It is strictly confidential and if it is not free, there will be a sliding scale for costs. At you age it should be free. Exactly what is your problem? That is what I would be asking about. Trust me, as a mom, she knows that you are having sex so just have a talk with her.

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    I doubt it since you are under 18, but you do need to see a doctor because if things get worse, you will be in big trouble, then think about telling your mom.

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    well u can go to a free clinic but i dont know if they'll give you pills.

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    since you are still a minor, I think you will need your mom. I did when I was your age.

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