A question about Human Rights and the United Nations 10 points?

Can someone please explain to me why is that they substitute the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to the Human Rights Council?

What is the difference between them? Council and Commision?

The UN is such a big organization and I canºt seem to understand their structure well as well as who is accounted to whom.


why bother answering?

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    Hmmm this is actually a really good question. I work on a Model UN conference and I am usually pretty familiar with UN matters; but this one is a bit vague.

    From looking at their separate home pages what I can gather is that the Council is more tasked with dealing with specific human rights violations and with monitoring the condition of human rights in the member states. They assess situations and make recommendations. The Commision can do the same, but from what i understand is more focused on addressing the theme of world wide human rights (writing treaties, etc) and with helping mmember statesimplement human rights agreements and plans. There is overlap, but that is how I understand the difference between the two.

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    1 decade ago

    1) check the UN website (www.un.org)

    2) determine which one(s) deal with war

    3) read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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