After a computer communications upgrade, the state of Missouri is holding up my driver's license in Arkansas.?

About 12 years ago I was convicted of a DUI in Missouri. I paid my fines, took the class, and actually sobered up! Well, recently, Missouri has started sharing files with Arkansas. Now 11 years after my last drink, they are claiming I never sent them proof of my DUI course. I cannot renew my license in Arkansas. I know I did send them proof, but now I have to prove it over 11 years later! How do I do this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unless you kept the certificate awarded to you after completing the course.

    There more than likely is no record of it.

    I know in Arkansas, the DMV is sent copies from whoever issues the certificates. Maybe Missouri does the same thing.

    If not call Missouri and see if they will allow you to retake the test in Arkansas.

    I took my son to his and it was only an 8-hr course on a Saturday, in Pine Bluff.

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