What are the advantages and disadvantages of the income inequality gap?

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Like who would benefit from it and who would not.

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In my lifetime I have not seen any advantages at all in the income
inequality gap. A few get very rich, many stash their funds
in off shore banks avoiding taxes. They live a life of luxury that
they have not earned but fell into. Then they surround themselves
with cronies who serve as a barrier taking action against them.

CEOs and other execs who pay themselves millions and deflate
stock values by giving themselves big options, make sure that
the board members are properly compensated for their favors.
It is a nice private club to be in. For them, but not for you.
Those company jets, private clubs, and etc., drain off a lot of
profit that could be paying salaries.

Have you not noticed that most merchants try to make sure that
you don't realize how much mark up they charge you on their
products? Every business person tries to out smart you by
having information you don't have.


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  • simplicitus answered 5 years ago
    Have you even started thinking about this?

    The greater the income inequality, the more the super-rich take and the less is left for everyone else to divide. So who do you think would benefit and who do think would not?

    If you are going to rely on others (people, books, etc.) giving you all the answers, instead of thinking about things for yourself, you are going to be in deep trouble, both in school and in life.

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