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Sanchez family history?

I just recently went to a family reunion and learned about some of my sanchez family. It dated back to 1714 when jose sanchez de ortigosa came to Florida from spain. It is said that the Solana and Sanchez families were two of the oldest in Florida. It was really neat to learn about my family. I was wondering if there was anyone who is related or descends from this line. It would be neat to know more of my family.

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    Someone in your family has a family tree built back to Jose?

    Have you done any research? Since the family has been in the US for such a long time, there are many descendants around.

    Ask the person with the tree how many have been in contact.

    I have a fairly recent tree and found many long lost cousins.

    You could always start your own tree and see what you find. But beware, it does get addicting.

    I did find this

    Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa y de Giles, the son of Salvador Sanchez de Ortigosa and Francesca Paula de Giles, was probably born in Spain. The year of his birth and the year he immigrated to La Florida are as yet unknown, but he and Juana Theodora Perez y de Lansarote were married in St. Augustine the 18th of January,1714.

    Juana was born in St. Augustine on 10 May 1696, the daughter of Juan Lorenzo Perez and Josefa Lucia de Lansarote. Jose died 5 May 1751, Juana died in 1761, both in St. Augustine. Jose and Juana had nine children:

    1. Ana Maria, b.1715; d. ca 1752;

    married Manuel Delgado 27 January 1748/49

    2. Josefa, b.1717;

    married [1] Alfonso Rodrigues 3 April 1736; married [2] Juan Martin Escovedo

    3. Narcissa, b.1719;

    married Lucas de Escovedo 27 August 1736

    4. Francesca de Paula, b. 21 February 1721/22; d. ca 1753;

    married Pedro Delgado 4 January 1736/37

    5. Jose, Jr., b. 18 December 1724;

    married Antonia Petronila de Espinosa ca. 1756

    6. Joachin, b. 1727

    7. Lucas, b. 1729

    8. Juana, b. 1734;

    married Manuel Jacinto Rodrigues 25 December 1748

    9. Francisco Xavier, b. 3 December 1736;

    Relationship with Beatrice Piedra produced nine children. Married Maria del Carmen Hill 3 December 1736; they had 11 children.

    Note: Marriages and baptisms are recorded in the CPR in St. Augustine.

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