Would this be considered a "hit and run"?

I was backing out of a space in this super tiny parking lot, and tapped this jeep parked behind me on its right corner. I got out and saw there was alittle scrape on it, and some scratches on mine. It was already a scraped up/dirty car so I thought leaving a note would kinda be ridiculous...they wouldn't even notice which thing on them was from me. Is it bad that I just left?


should i go back and see if the car is still there and leave a note?? i feel so bad now b/c a hit and run is illegal

Update 2:

how much would i have to pay, u think? i dont really have much money, im a college student.

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    Try to be more careful the next time in parking lots but otherwise, forget about it. People get their cars damaged all the time in parking lots and it's a risk we take when parking. Also, if this was a commercial place, the road is private and therefore not subject to the laws in the manner that our public roads and highways are. Since you didn't injure anyone, this isn't a "hit and run" or "leaving the scene of an accident" in the context you are use to hearing.

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    Well yes. You scraped the car which is 'hit' and you just left which is 'run'. You should have waited for the owner to come back or left a note with your phone number on it so you could apologize to the owner. If it was just a couple minutes ago, I recommend going back there and do one of the two options I have said. Good luck!

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    I don't think it would be considered a "hit and run" but that was a very irresponsible thing for you to do. You should have left a note with your information so that they could contact you so that you could pay for them to fix their car. It does not matter what kind of condition the car was in when you bumped it.

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    If you didnt wanna pay for, get out of there!

    hit and run, probably not, and the repair is really easy and shouldn't be a problem. Sooner or later the owner of that car is gonna mess up his jeep

  • Gypsy
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    1 decade ago

    "tapped this jeep " = HIT.

    "I just left" = RUN.

    Pretty self-explanatory....

    Also, it is NOT up to you to decide whether the car is dirty, scraped up, etc. Damage is damage. Whether it's beat up already or not, doesn't mean the damage you did is forgivable, unless the owner says so.

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    1 decade ago

    It really depends on how much damage you did on the car. But then again how are you suppose to know who the car belongs to. Your not going to go back in the store and ask around.

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    Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but anytime you leave the car you hit in a worse condition than when you first saw it, would be considered a hit and run.

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    Yep. That's a hit and run.

    When you hit someone else's property and then drive off. A standard definition.

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    Well if it was just a truly little scrape, then I don't think you're morally obligated to point out something they may not have even noticed.

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