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how old do u have to be to ride along with a police officer i live in st.louis missouri?

i want to see how its like cause i want to br a police officer as my career i'm 12

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Usually, it's 18.

    Look into joining the Police Explorers, though.

    In order to join the St. Louis County Police Explorers, you must:

    * Be 14 to 21 years of age.

    * Have a positive recommendation from the explorer's school principal (grades, character, etc.).

    * Have at least a "C" average on the last school report card.

    * Have no serious arrests and no convections.

    * Have parental approval if under the age of 17.

    If you are interested and meet the above requirements but want to know more, feel free to contact Ryan Richter.

    You can also contact P.O. Clements at (314) 892-1510.

    You may pick up an application in person at the South County Precinct Main Station at 3031 Telegraph Road

    Source(s): 8+ years Law Enforcement
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