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How do I get wholesale direct from manufacturers?

Where do I look to find wholesale products direct from manufacturers, do I need a business license, and what is the typical minimum order? Would I be better off starting with wholesale distributors?

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    There are a few ways you can do to get direct manufacturer contacts.

    1. The item you are getting, check for contacts around the packaging. ie. inside cases, any stickers or stuff.

    2. Wholesale portals ie. However, a subscription is needed for their services.

    3. Network. Ask around. Ask friends/families or anyone you know who is in the industry od your target item. Ask the shop for distributor contact...then distributor for manufacturer contact...etc etc. Most won't share because they'd be inviting competition, but don't take my word for it.



    I believe in most cases you must have at least a registered business name and the license that corresponds to the type of business you are in. In your case, I believe it's a trading or import/export license.

    Technically you can start doing business without such things... though for import/export/trading, it will be needed because there will be legal documents that have to be created that requires license and a business entity.

    Check with your local government business agency and ask them about it.


    There are pros and cons for going straight toward the manufacturer. It depends on what you want also.

    If you are doing retail, it would make much more sense to deal with distributors because they would have taken the risk out of importing and usually handles its own logistics (ie. delivery). The downside being because the goods goes through one more channel, the price will be higher.

    If you are intending to do distribution yourself, then going straight to the manufacturer is ideal. Getting from another distributor just makes the cost of the goods higher for your customers.

    Then again, it depends on what goods you are dealing with. Manufacturers for simple, non-technical and small sized goods (ie. mugs, screen protectors, etc etc) do deal directly with retailers as well, because all they ahve to do is to pack and ship.

    Whereas for more complex goods (ie. radios), if you are a retailer, getting from a distributor would be better because the distributor would usually handle the service and repair as well.

    I hope I helped

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    You would need a business license...but not all manufactures will sell to small accounts which is why you would want to create accounts with the wholesale distributors. The minimum order would of course depend on the size of the manufacture and product type, but the distributor option will have much lower volume requirements. You can also use a drop ship wholesale distributor which is easier to create an account with and they will ship often with no minimums direct to your customers. You can learn about how to get started with them here:

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