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how many dogs can you own in cumberland county nc?

i live out in the country and i have 8 dogs and 3 cats.i know that i am not aloud to have this many dogs.i don't want to get in trouble so what do i need to do so that i can keep all of my baby's and all of them are fixed.

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    Actually you can have 8 or more dog and cats but you HAVE to apply for a license but ALL of your animals must be UTD on their rabies jab.


    Article VI. Licensing of Dogs and Cats

    Sec. 3-58: License for Dogs and Cats

    3. It shall be unlawful for any person to own eight (8) or more dogs or cats, or any combination thereof, over four (4 ) months of age without paying the annual fee as provided in the fee schedule adopted from time to time by the Board of Commissioners. Each privilege license issued shall cover the period January 1 through December 31 each year.

    Sec. 3-59: Terms of License; Exemption

    1. The license issued under this article shall be renewed every year, upon proof of rabies vaccination.

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    In all zoned areas of Cumberland County you can have a maximum of three (3) adult dogs (5 months or older); there is no limit on the number of cats or farm animals.

    go here for more info:


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    Outside city limits of Fayetteville, NC how many dogs can I own?

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