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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingAdolescent · 1 decade ago

first job tips??????

im looking for a job. my first job. just wondering if anyone has any tips for me when i go to apply for it?

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  • Tonks
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    1 decade ago
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    Make sure you read the application form carefully, and if necessary photocopy it so that you have a practise one to fill in before you do the actual thing! You don't want to make silly mistakes, because if there is incorrect spelling or grammar they will probably discount your application immediately. Read it through afterwards, and it can be a good idea to give it to someone else to check through as well. Sometimes they specify that it must be filled out with a black ball-point pen - best to check before you fill it out in blue!

    Don't be too nervous about it! Yes, you need to make a good impression, but if they've asked you to go to an interview, your application has obviously been good enough for them to strongly consider you for the job, they're just wanting to find out a little bit more about you so that they can decide for certain. Obviously don't treat the interviewer like you would a close friend, but you need to be relaxed enough to give a good impression. Think how you'd behave if the interviewer was the headteacher of your school, for example.

    Think about your body language - make sure that you make eye contact with the interviewer, don't hunch over, and don't fiddle! If you know that you usually fiddle with hair or jewellery, put your hair up and don't wear jewellery!

    When asked questions, either on the application form or in an interview, always give examples! It might be that they ask you 'Can you tell me about a time when you... (worked as part of a team/had to be in charge of other people/had to show you were able to be flexible etc.)', but if not, tell them anyway - If you just say that you're good at working in a team, you have good communication skills etc. but don't give any examples, they'll think you're just saying them.

    Dress reasonably smartly, but you don't need to go all out and wear a suit like one of the other answerers has said. A pair of smart dark coloured trousers and a nice blouse or top (nothing too low cut or with logos on it) should be fine. If you're not used to wearing a suit, you'll be uncomfortable and it'll show.

    Do your homework before hand - pretty much all companies will ask a question along the lines of 'so what do you know about the company?' or 'what do you think the job will involve'. This is your chance to prove that you're not just applying for the first job you came across (even though you might be!) but that you're actually aware of the company and their work, and that you've read the job description that they probably sent you! I didn't do any research on the company I applied for my first job with, and ended up looking really stupid when they asked me that kind of question in the interview... AND I didn't get the job. Really not worth it. Try to think a little about the kinds of questions they're likely to ask you, but don't become obsessed with it. You can't prepare word for word.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!



    Step 1Shop for an inexpensive interview suit at a national mass-market retailer like Target (see Resources below). Here, you can find a women's suit by a designer like Isaac Mizrahi for about $100. You can find a classic men's suit by Merona for about the same amount.

    Step 2Buy a navy blue, gray or brown suit in a conservative style that you can use exclusively for interviewing. A well-made suit will probably take up a large portion of your clothing budget but it is a good investment in your future. Try to avoid wearing a black suit, as some interviewers may find it too severe.

    Step 3Wear a plain white blouse if you are a woman or a white dress shirt and a conservative tie if you are a man. Department stores often offer shirt-and-tie sets for one price, which can save you more money than if you purchase each item separately.

    Step 4Buy your pantyhose or dress socks at a mass merchandiser or wholesale club instead of at a pricey department store. These items are more expendable than an interview suit (you will need to buy more than one pair of pantyhose or socks over the course of your interviewing), so you can afford to budget in this area.

    Step 5Purchase a good pair of dark shoes that you can wear with your suit at a discount shoe outlet like DSW Shoes. This is another item that may eat into your budget, but will be worn many times. Both genders should avoid wearing open-toed shoes or excessively high heels to a first job interview.

    Step 6Check out the secondhand and thrift shops in your area to find more interview clothing at low prices. You may be able to find another suit or additional tops to wear to future interviews, without overspending your budget

    Source(s): Proud Mother to (<3 Scarlett Grace age 15<3)
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Be as knowledgable as you are able to with regard to the corporate and the interest. Be arranged to play up your strengths and your interest skills; they for sure knwo your history, and that they've reported as you in for an interview, so your journey has inspired them in some way. are not getting hung up on the reality which you're stepping right into a various type of interest; in simple terms concentration on the abilities you have won--that's what they are fascinated in. additionally, have a itemizing of questions you will possibly pick to ask; which will teach you're fascinated interior the corporate.

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