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In your opinion, is Peter Andre attractive?

(just to make it fair)

just wondering..

Ta. x


chipmonk: didnt every bloke want his 'prongs' hairdo? lolol

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    He's a bit too pretty boy for me (and too young!). However, I do like his personality - he does seem fairly down to earth and very caring. Don't forget he took on Jordan's disabled child and loved him as his own. So in short, yes, I think if I met him, I would be attracted to him.

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    No, I've never liked him even back in his Mysterious Girl days lol. The greasy hair and greasy bod turned me right off!

  • Kev
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  • I used to go clubbing with him on the Greek side of Cyprus. He was fit but not gorgeous. PMSL

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  • Haz
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    1 decade ago

    He is as far removed from anything I could go for as it is possible to be...eurgh.

    He wears capped sleeve T-shirts.That alone is something that would send me screaming from the room..

  • Not really into baby oil and his smile is a bit iffy for me. Maybe if I actually knew him.

  • He is not my type, but I can see why some women would like him. I do feel sorrty for him, i have to admit.

  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely NO

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  • My sister used to fancy him, but she's got a fiancée now, so I think now she is saying no.

  • 1 decade ago

    He looks like an ostrich, a funny looking one.


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