I'm sick of chicken - dinner ideas?

I'm on a 1800 a day calorie diet and I'm tired of chicken. I'm also trying to stay away from carbs. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Jennifer,

    I got sick of chicken too!!! My goals are probably different than yours, I'm trying to gain weight! But I've been eating a low fat diet (just super high in calories and protein) for months now!

    I started replacing chicken with fish, mostly salmon and mahi because I get big bags of them from Costco at a decent price. And I like fish, but a lot of people don't. Also, ham steaks are actually very lean, they have less fat than chicken breast sometimes. You can also eat very lean hamburger- like 96% lean. If you can find it, buffalo meat is really lean as well.

    Another thing I did was I started cooking chicken in some really different ways. I bought some Yoshida's teriyaki sauce and made teriyaki with broccoli and some brown rice. Maybe you can find some different recipes?

    I think we eat chicken so much because it's the most inexpensive lean protein option, but it does get old after a while!

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    You can go meatless, you can use pork, lean beef, fish/seafood, veggie or soy patties (Boca Burger patties are not bad at all).

    You've got most veggies at your disposal. When I was on Atkins (extremely low carb...and unhealthy) I ate a lot of salad and a lot of cabbage. Cauliflower was also on the list (mashed with a bit of half n' half to help make it creamy).

    There are more options than anyone could share here. Simply keep away from those things you're trying to avoid. Chicken isn't the only "low cal" meat/protein option available to you.☺

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    How about turkey or pork, I read somewhere that pork really isn't as bad as they try to make it out to be. They even have each in the same forms as you can find chicken...ie: turkey breast cutlet, turkey legs even ground chicken or pork for burgers or something.

    I'm a fish girl myself, salmon and blue fish are my favorites. Salmon is best steamed in a foil packet with some old bay, sliced red onion and green peppers, and a lemon slice. Can't beat it!

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    well... i never have time to cook or even food shop LOL my fridge constantly contains left-overs from meals i dont think i've even cooked! so; a big roll of puff pastry and a load of left overs makes a brilliant roll. > with salmon and tartar sauce you can make a good fish wellington > add motzorella cheese and pizzary fillings for a pizza roll (this uses up the most ingredients if you just want to get rid) ... use your imagination, anything goes! we eat a lot of fish, especially makrel, good sauce of omega 3. boil up some brocoli and makrel as a simply but very tastey and healthy topping for baked potato. vegetarian options are good too- we grow a lot of vegetables and very thick home made soup can really hit the spot in winter months. also veggie bean wraps: get a selection of beans and pulses, you can get these from a can! mix with spice and stuff into a pitta bread then dry fry it, add some natural yogurt and you're well away. my favourite quick pasta dish is a home made garlic butter made by simply melting butter, seasoning and cooking some chopped garlic in with it, cut up some chillies and add to the same pot until nicely browned, add extra virgin olive oil and wait for the garlic and chilli flavours to soal into the oil. you can either just add this to pasta or to make a more hearty dinner meal add prawns and halved baby tomatos. it doesnt look particularly exiting but the flavours are amazing.

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    Try lean beef or pork. Or tuna. Im allergic to every other fishexcept tuna and shell. So I know from personal exp that its a good sub. I hear salmon and tilapia work great on low carb diets. So try to mix it up with some shimp n veggies or tuna on top of a salad with a lil ceasar dressing. Or tilapia/salmon with a spinich salad Hope this helps



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    try chicken or lean beef instead its lower in calories and fat then fattier meat

    Also check out this blog for great advice on nutrition and fitness:



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