wouldn't universal health care help businesses? Eliminate wasteful insurance companies?

remove the burden of paying high premiums from our companies, eliminate the need to maintain staffs of people to administer complicated insurance programs?

Think how much better off your own company would be if you didn't have to pay that witch in HR her exhorborant salary for non productive work?


terrin 3, that 6 months wating list is a total myth. Fact check with Canadians, Brits or French and you will find a completely differnt reality than what insurance co's are telling us.

Update 2:

cacountry, I understand you want to keep people employed, but economics cannot tolerate useless work. Insurance administrators do useless work, we can' afford to keep them.

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    Yes it would. A healthier workforce is a more productive one. Which is why many employers offer healthcare. In the UK, with the NHS, some employers still offer private cover, but as there is the NHS, the money spent by empoyers to cover people is a lot cheaper.

    FACT - the USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet.

    FACT - the US has higher death rates for kids aged under five than western European countries with universal health coverage.

    That means that a dead American four year old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, Japan etc, all of which have universal health coverage.

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    Your lack of understanding is shocking. If employers do not pay all or part of health insurance premiums, some people may not buy insurance. If we go from 40 million uninsured to 100 million uninsured, that would be a bad thing.

    Insurance companies are not wasteful. If you knew something about loss ratios, you would know that it is theoretically possible for an insurance company to pay out more in benefits than it takes in, in premiums, and still show a profit. The federal government always operates at a loss.

    A few days ago, ABC news reported that Medicare/Medicaid annual losses due to fraud are as much as $60 billion. Maybe 20 per cent of the population is on Medicare/Medicaid. Projecting those fraud losses over the entire population gives an estimated $300 billion in fraud losses. Not a good idea.

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    No, because the companies would just have to pay the money they're currently paying to the insurance companies to the federal government.

    If you think insurance companies are wasteful you just try letting the government run the healthcare system. I'm from Louisiana one of the few states in the union with a charity hospital system and even the poor people avoid the free hospitals if they can and our state run system would be infinatly better than anything coming out of washington.

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    Before you get all excited about universal health care consider this, We know people in Europe that pay over 60% of their wages to cover their socialist programs and universal health care is the bigger tax sucker. Obama is making people believe that it is "free" health care. People wake up and realize that nothing is free. We will all pay dearly for it. It doesn't work in Europe or Canada, do we really want it here. Just imagine for a moment what your paycheck would look like if the government took 60% to 70% right off the top for these programs. What would you have left?

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    businesses would still be paying for it in the form of higher taxes.

    government-owned health care would be like everything the government does: buy the lowest bidder. the quality we enjoy with private healthcare would be gone.

    insurance companies and your office's HR department employ people, which means if we nationalized healthcare, these jobs would be gone...i dont think we need to raise the unemployment level any more.

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    We will ALL be paying for it in much higher taxes, longer waiting lists, inefficient government bureaucracies, etc. When is the last time the government did ANYTHING without screwing it up? Insurance company waste will be replaced by government waste in spades. Furthermore, our best and brightest will no longer wish to become doctors if they can't charge enough to pay their exorbitant student loans.

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    Here is a quick run down on U health care.

    If you like decideing when you go to the doctor and which doctor/hospital you go to then U health care is not for you.

    If you have an elderly person in your family that needs special medications and/or regular doctor visits, then U health care is not for you

    If you like taking home 75% instead of 25% of your paycheck, then U health care is not for you.

    If you don't want to see 500,000+ Americans lose their jobs, then U health care is not for you

    If you like the fact that the United States medical personel have recieved the nobel prize in medicine 35+ years out of the last 40, then U health care is not for you

    amongst other things....

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    No it will be a nightmare, and with the mandate that small business's with over a certain number of employees be required to carry healthcare for full time employement.............watch the unemployment rolls soar. Watch the rolls of the full time employee be changed to part time employment, or worse yet the company contracting out.

    BTW most small business's do not have HR departments.

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    It's not a cure all. Check our countries that have similar plans. In the UK, you have to go on a waiting list for surgery. A woman I know had to wait 1 1/2 year before a hip replacement, stuck in a wheel chair.

    I can't imagine Americans being happy with that. I don't know what the answer is, all I know is it's got to get better; not worse.

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    Hmmm...let's see now...an insurance that MUST answer to their stockholders, i.e, you and I, or the federal government who couldn't run the merry-go-round in a day care facility and is demonstrably more corrupt than any insurance company...can you spell pelosi, dodd, frank, murtha, stevens...et al...running health care? Yep...running it off a cliff...

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