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L.T.M. asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri - USS Cole Bomber..where is he today?

Here's some background...(under Bush)


(under Obama)


He's the one who planned the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 of our sailors. Is this man still in custody (of someone) or is he out on the streets somewhere?

Do you know for sure? I'm getting conflicting information. Serious question..what's the deal?


Here's the wikki link but I heard on the news last night he may have been released, so what's the latest?


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    Where is he? Scouting the next ship to blow up.Drop short and duck has the right idea however I think a long term water boarding in a cement suit is in order(made in American Cement that is)and walking the plank to meet Davy Jones is in order.If only he could die 17 times. God Bless the Uss.Cole and all her sailor's.Damn Abd al-Rahim al Nashiri and may he burn in hell.Two wrongs don't make a right but what the heck make an exception.This murderer lost his right to humanity when thoes sailors lost thier human lives.

  • bozieu
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    We have to care who was the bomber or the launcher ????

    Who know what bomb or missile hirt the USS cole.

    I would like to know and we will know the instigator......

    Some poeple were thinking that it was an exo 7 !!!!! and in this case......

    shooted by a plane.

    When all the administrations will understand that they risq more to sale weapons including last generation.....to any country than leave free the guns and the cadriges for deers or shooters!

    We must not look very far to know the trader!

  • Anonymous
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    Really don't know Levon, You might want to quarry US Marshal service.

    Or Dir, Military Intelligence. Since it would be there responsibility for his

    command and control. Otherwise, he more than likely is running a Days

    Inn, somwhere in the Carolinas.

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    Per discussions on Senate floor on Monday, he is still at Gitmo. Charges were dropped earlier this year but will be refiled. He was one of the ones who was tortured.

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    Hopefully he's at Guantanamo and he will stay there.

    Executive Orders can be and HAVE BEEN overturned in the past.

    Seriously - I think I remember hearing that he was there in one of the debates over whether or not we should close GITMO.

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    Surely he must be in custody -- after all, the Cole bombing took place on Clinton's watch, and Slick Willie said he would not rest until the culprits are brought to justice.

    And Slick Willie wouldn't have lied to us -- right?


  • ATJ
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  • Anonymous
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    He's in the Oval Office advising on foreign relations.

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    Stop being so naive correct. You see the use of tobacco is prohibited by the faith of Islam the were attacking his religion. To know the one he believed gave him the right to kill any innocent even other believers as long as it is in the name of Islam

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I heard on the news that he was released on US soil. I have no idea where he is...probably out planning his next attack.

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