Do you support allowing people to openly carry loaded firearms into national parks and wildlife refuges?

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    1 decade ago
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    The 2nd amendment of the constitution states "The right to bare arms shall not be infringed". There is no misunderstanding this, you -should- carry a gun everywhere you go. There are local, county, state and federal laws against this idea, it is unconstitutional. Our government is broken and we need to fix it. When I call upon you, I need you to answer that call.

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    Yes. As an American, it is our right to carry a firearm in the open.

    But let's think about what would happen if....

    -You carry a firearm as protection, open carry within the guidlines of the law while you take your trip to a National Park. Anyone with ill-intentions would think twice about attempting to commit a crime against you.

    -Should you leave your firearm in you vehicle while at the park because you brought it with you on your trip and went for a hike for a few hours and someone broke into your vehicle. Now they have a stolen weapon that will be used to commit more crimes.

    -You are on a hike by yourself and you are attacked by an animal you didn't know was there or even another person wanting to assualt you on any level. You as a person, legally carrying a firearm can defend yourself.

    The ONLY argument advocates of removing that right have is that you might accidently shoot someone. And although that is not a farfetched scenario, you are more likely to get robbed, assualted, or attacked by a wild animal than to be accidently shot.

    Those who take firearms to a park for illegal purposes should face stiffer penalties so that those Americans that properly practice safe handling of any weapons don't lose our rights.

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    Well, you might want to quote that correctly, in that it's not "open carry" and only by people with the appropriate concealed carry permit.

    But YEAH, I support it and any other former 'gun free killing zone' imposed by the fed govt ( a clear violation of the constitution and state sovereignty ) where criminals can and do go on killing rampages (schools for instance) without fear of anyone legally having a firearm to stop them from killing innocent people until they run out of victims or ammunition.

  • 4 years ago

    It would be Perfectly OK with Me if Romney undid EVERYTHING Obama did. If you are stupid enough to think Obama did that for ANY reason other than in hope of a Gun Accident so he could point out the need for gun control, you are either Hopelessly Partisan, or hopelessly mis informed. But to top the milestone, I think it would be nice if he let you guys shoot each other.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sure if hunting is legal in those areas.

    Some animals do need to be protected, just as we need some wildlife areas that are free from human encroachment.

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    It's against the law to kill somebody..

    You don't see them abiding by the law, I mean unless their is some unforeseen protective field.

    Point is whether its a law or not some will break them and do not care about the consequences.

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    As a socialist, I think that when capitalist governments make "promises" about freedom, they should be held to those promises.

    And in their Constitution, the wealthy, slave-owning founders of USA, Inc. promised us peons the right to bear arms.

    I don't recall anything about "except in national parks" or "unless your gun has lots of bumps and black protrusions on it that frighten the ignorant."

    Do you think that the notoriously racist and trigger-happy U.S. police, or the KKK, or the Mafia, say to themselves "I can't bring my gun in there" about ANY place in the country?

    So why should I?


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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't care. Really I don't. Preventing it won't keep some lunatic from sneaking a gun in if they really want to.

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    1 decade ago

    dont matter if we agree they carry guns now even to schools

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